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My research interests focus on statistical signal processing and control, and pattern recognition and machine learning, with applications in bioinformatics, materials informatics, and epidemiological models.

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Academic Articles95
  • Ghane, P., Zarnaghinaghsh, N., & Braga-Neto, U (2021). Comparison of Classification Algorithms Towards Subject-Specific and Subject-Independent BCI. 2021 9th International Winter Conference on Brain-Computer Interface (BCI). 00, 1-6.
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  • Tan, Y., Cator III, D., Ndeffo-Mbah, M., & Braga-Neto, U (2021). A stochastic metapopulation state-space approach to modeling and estimating COVID-19 spread. Mathematical Biosciences and Engineering. 18(6), 7685-7710.
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  • Kunselman, C., Attari, V., McClenny, L., Braga-Neto, U., & Arroyave, R (2020). Semi-supervised learning approaches to class assignment in ambiguous microstructures. Acta Materialia. 188, 49-62.
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  • Braga-Neto, U. M., & Dougherty, E. R. (2015). Error Estimation for Pattern Recognition. John Wiley & Sons, Inc..
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  • Braga Neto, U., & Dougherty, E. R. (2005). Classification. Dougherty, E., Shmulevich, I., Chen, J., & Wang, Z. J. (Eds.), Genomic Signal Processing and Statistics. 93-128. Hindawi Publishing Corporation.
Conference Papers44
  • Hajiramezanali, E., Imani, M., Braga-Neto, U., Qian, X., & Dougherty, E. R. (2018). Scalable Optimal Bayesian Classification of Single-Cell Trajectories under Regulatory Model Uncertainty. 596-597.
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  • Imani, .., & Braga-Neto, U. (2018). Optimal Control of Gene Regulatory Networks with Unknown Cost Function. 00, 3939-3944.
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  • Imani, M., Ghoreishi, S. F., & Braga-Neto, U. M. (2018). Bayesian control of large MDPs with unknown dynamics in data-poor environments. 2018-December, 8146-8156.
  • Arslan, E., & Braga-Neto, U. M. (2017). Bayesian Top Scoring Pairs for Feature Selection. 2017-October, 387-391.
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  • Tan, Y., III, D. C., Ndeffo-Mbah, M., & Braga-Neto, U (2021). A stochastic metapopulation state-space approach to modeling and estimating Covid-19 spread.
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Braga Neto
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