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Academic Articles12
  • Ettekal, A. V., & Agans, J. P (2020). Positive Youth Development Through Leisure: Confronting the COVID-19 Pandemic. Journal of Youth Development. 15(2), 1-20.
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  • Adams, J., Schaefer, D. R., & Ettekal, A. V (2020). Crafting Mosaics: Person-Centered Religious Influence and Selection in Adolescent Friendships.. J Sci Study Relig. 59(1), 39-61.
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  • Ettekal, A. V., Simpkins, S. D., Menjvar, C., & Delgado, M. Y. (2020). The Complexities of Culturally Responsive Organized Activities: Latino Parents and Adolescents Perspectives. Journal of Adolescent Research. (3),
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  • Simpkins, S. D., Riggs, N. R., Ngo, B., Vest Ettekal, A., & Okamoto, D. (2017). Designing Culturally Responsive Organized After-School Activities. Journal of Adolescent Research. 32(1), 11-36.
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  • Lerner, R. M., Lerner, J. V., Ettekal, A. V., Ferris, K. A., Batanova, M., & Hunter, C (2018). Days of Future Passed: On the Prescient Relational Developmental Systems Vision of Fred W. Vondracek. Career development in context: Festschrift for Fred Vondracek. 55-78. Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra.
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  • Agans, J. P., Ettekal, A. V., Erickson, K., & Lerner, R. M (2016). Positive Youth Development Through Sport. Positive Youth Development Through Sport. 34-44. Routledge.
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  • Ettekal, A. V., Lerner, R. M., Agans, J. P., Ferris, K. A., & Burkhard, B. M (2016). Youth Thriving in the Context of Sport Participation. Positive Youth Development Through Sport. 71-82. Routledge.
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Conference Papers2
  • Schaefer, D. R., Simpkins, S. D., & Ettekal, A. V (2018). Can Extracurricular Activities Reduce Adolescent Race/Ethnic Friendship Segregation?. SOCIAL NETWORKS AND THE LIFE COURSE: INTEGRATING THE DEVELOPMENT OF HUMAN LIVES AND SOCIAL RELATIONAL NETWORKS. 2, 315-339.
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  • Ettekal, A. V., Ferris, K. A., Agans, J. P., & Burkhard, B. M (2015). Teammates' influence on athletes' goal orientation: Effects of the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) training model. JOURNAL OF SPORT & EXERCISE PSYCHOLOGY. 37, S112-S112.
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