My primary responsibility and research interest is breeding (applied and molecular) and cultivar development of warm- and cool-season turfgrass species for use in home lawns, athletic fields and golf courses. This involves adopting holistic systems approach towards cultivar development, marketing and commercialization through industry collaborations; working interactively in the interdisciplinary areas of turfgrass science including turfgrass genomics, physiology, entomology, pathology, soils and socio-economics; developing high-throughput greenhouse/growth chamber phenotyping procedures to efficiently evaluate large breeding (and mapping) populations for important traits of interest including a wide range of biotic and abiotic stress tolerances. My interests also include graduate student education and training of tomorrow's plant breeders and turfgrass professionals capable of leading a successful career in academia and/or the turfgrass industry.

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  • Braun, R. C., Patton, A. J., Chandra, A., Fry, J. D., Genovesi, A. D., Meeks, M., ... Baird, J. H. (2022). Development of winter hardy, fine-leaf zoysiagrass hybrids for the upper transition zone. CROP SCIENCE. 62(6), 2486-2505.
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  • Pirtle, T., Chavarria, M. R., Erickson, J. E., Kenworthy, K. E., Cox, K., Unruh, J. B., ... Moss, J. (2022). Effects of St. Augustinegrass genotype and irrigation frequency on turfgrass quality in a subtropical environment. International Turfgrass Society Research Journal. 14(1), 683-693.
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  • Katuwal, K. B., Jespersen, D., Bhattarai, U., Chandra, A., Kenworthy, K. E., Milla-Lewis, S. R., ... Raymer, P. (2022). Multilocational screening identifies new drought-tolerant, warm-season turfgrasses. CROP SCIENCE. 62(4), 1614-1630.
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  • Moseley, D. O., Trappe, J. M., Milla-Lewis, S. R., Chandra, A., Kenworthy, K. E., Liu, W., & Patton, A. J. (2021). Characterizing the growth and winter survival of commercially available and experimental genotypes of St. Augustinegrass. CROP SCIENCE. 61(5), 3097-3109.
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  • Meeks, M., Kong, S. T., Genovesi, A. D., Smith, B., & Chandra, A. (2021). Lowinput golf course putting green performance of finetextured inter and intraspecific zoysiagrass (Zoysia spp.). International Turfgrass Society Research Journal. 14(1), 610-621.
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