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Angela Pulley Hudson specializes in American Indian history, the 19th-century U.S. South, the representation of American Indians in popular culture, and the intersection of American Indian (Native American) and African American lives. She considers issues of race, gender, religion, identity, and geography in her ongoing research.

selected publications
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  • Hudson, A. P (2021). The Indian Doctress in the Nineteenth-Century United States: Race, Medicine, and Labor. Journal of Social History. 54(4), 1160-1187.
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  • Hudson, A. P (2021). Removals and Remainders Apaches and Choctaws in the Jim Crow South. JOURNAL OF THE CIVIL WAR ERA. 11(1), 80-102.
  • Hudson, A. P (2019). Of Subjects and "Savages". Reviews in American History. 47(2), 179-183.
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  • Hudson, A. P (2019). Unsettling Histories of the South. Southern Cultures. 25(3), 30-45.
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  • Hudson, A. P (2017). Informed Power: Communication in the Early American South. AMERICAN HISTORICAL REVIEW. 122(3), 825-826.
  • Hudson, A. P. (2019). There is No Mormon Trail of Tears: Roots, Removals, and Reconstructions. Milner, C. A., & Cannon, B. Q. (Eds.), Reconstruction and Mormon America. 19-51. University of Oklahoma Press.
  • Hudson, A. P. (2006). 'Forked Justice': Elias Boudinot, the U.S. Constitution, and Cherokee Removal. Stromberg, E. (Eds.), American Indian Rhetorics of Survivance Word Medicine, Word Magic. 50-68. University of Pittsburgh Pre.
  • Hudson, A. (2006). Imagining Mary Musgrove: Georgia's 'Creek Indian Princess' and the Politics of Southern Identity. Carruth, M. C. (Eds.), Feminist interventions in early American studies. 112-125. University Alabama Press.
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