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My areas of specialty are taxation and financial reporting. My primary research interests are tax and financial reporting as well as the influence of tax and accounting information on capital markets.

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  • Judd, H. W., McGuire, S. T., Weaver, C. D., & Xia, J. (2023). Check Your Attitude: An Examination of Companies' Attitude Toward Tax Enforcement.
  • Kim, J., McGuire, S., Savoy, S., & Wilson, R. (2022). Expected economic growth and investment in corporate tax planning. REVIEW OF ACCOUNTING STUDIES. 27(2), 745-778.
  • Beardsley, E. L., Mayberry, M. A., & McGuire, S. T. (2021). Street versus GAAP: Which Effective Tax Rate Is More Informative?. CONTEMPORARY ACCOUNTING RESEARCH. 38(2), 1310-1340.
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  • Donelson, D. C., Glenn, J. L., McGuire, S. T., & Yust, C. G. (2021). The Effect of Shareholder Scrutiny on Corporate Tax Behavior: Evidence from Shareholder Tax Litigation.
  • McGuire, S. T., Neuman, S. S., & Rice, S. C. (2020). Interim Effective Tax Rate Estimates and Internal Control Quality. CONTEMPORARY ACCOUNTING RESEARCH. 37(1), 603-633.
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