My social justice research agenda focused on access and equity in higher education for underrepresented students and faculty members of color, and STEM learning outcomes.

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Academic Articles12
  • Ponjuán, L., & Hernández, S. (2021). Different Yet Similar: The Educational Experiences of Latinx Male Students at Texas PWI, HSI, and HBCU Institutions. Journal of Hispanic Higher Education. 20(4), 453-465.
  • Martinez, M. A., Valle, F., Cortez, L. J., Ponjuan, L., & Senz, V. B. (2018). Context Is Key: School Leaders Approaches in Creating and Maintaining Dual Enrollment Opportunities in South Texas. Leadership and Policy in Schools. 17(4), 516-540.
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  • Ponjuán, L., Palomín, L., & Hernández, S. (2018). Presidential Leadership: Improving Completion Rates of Latino Male Students at Texas Community Colleges. Association of Mexican American Educators Journal. 11(3), 178-178.
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  • Ponjuan, L., Palomin, L., & Calise, A. (2015). Latino Male Ethnic Subgroups: Patterns in College Enrollment and Degree Completion. New Directions for Higher Education. 2015(172), 59-69.
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  • Senz, V. B., Ponjuan, L., Segovia, J., & Del Real Viramontes, J. (2015). Developing a Latino Mentoring Program: Project MALES (Mentoring to Achieve Latino Educational Success). New Directions for Higher Education. 2015(171), 75-85.
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  • Ryu, W., Burmicky, J., Sáenz, V., & Ponjuán, L. (2021). Exploring Educational and Workforce Data Trends on Latino Boys and Men. Handbook of Latinos and Education. 237-248. Routledge.
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  • Ponjuan, L., Alcantar, C. M., & Soria, K. M. (2016). Redefining Civic Engagement: A Developmental Model of Students’ Civic-Related Capabilities. Civic Engagement and Community Service at Research Universities. 99-122. Palgrave Macmillan UK.
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  • Ponjuan, L., & Saenz, V. (2015). Mexican American Males Pathways to Higher Education: Awareness to Achievement. Zambrana, R. E., & Hurtado, S. (Eds.), The Magic Key The Educational Journey of Mexican Americans from K-12 to College and Beyond. 193-214. University of Texas Press.
  • Ponjuan, L., & Horton, D. (2010). Tenure and African American Faculty. Encyclopedia of African American Education. Sage Publications, Inc..
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Conference Papers1
  • Saenz, V. B., & Ponjuan, L. (2009). The Vanishing Latino Male in Higher Education. Journal of Hispanic Higher Education. 8(1), 54-89.
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