Our research interests are in enhancing our understanding of microbial-mediated processes in natural and engineered systems, and in application and development of biotechnology to address various environmental challenges in water, soils, and energy. The Chu lab applies molecular biology, isotopic techniques, chemical analysis, and phage biology to study environmental and biological systems, with focuses on (i) microbial ecology, fate and transport, biodegradation of environmental pollutants such as emerging contaminants and persistent organic pollutants, (ii) production of biofuels and bioproducts from renewable resources, and (iii) detection, tracking, and quantification of microorganisms that play roles in water quality, bioremediation, carbon sequestration and nitrogen cycle in the environment. Other research areas include development and application of novel sorbents and catalysts (bio and non-bio) for removing and/or monitoring emerging environmental pollutants.

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