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Dr. Radhika Viruru is a Clinical Professor in the Department of Teaching, Learning and Culture (TLAC) at Texas A&M University, having joined the faculty in 1998. Her research interests include early childhood education, postcolonial childhood studies and technology integration into education. She is the author of two books on early childhood education (Early Childhood Education: Postcolonial Perspectives from India) published by Sage in 2001 and Childhood and Postcolonization: Power, Education and Contemporary Practice (co-author) published by Routledge in 2004 as well as numerous journal articles and edited book chapters. Her current research interests center around the social construction of the family particularly in the Persian Gulf.

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Academic Articles5
  • Viruru, R., & Rios, A (2021). Needed Methodological Emancipation: Qualitative Coding and the Institutionalization of the Master’s Voice. Qualitative Inquiry. 27(10), 1146-1158.
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  • Lee, Y., Capraro, M. M., & Viruru, R. (2018). The factors motivating students' STEM career aspirations: Personal and societal contexts. International Journal of Innovation in Science and Mathematics Education. 26(5), 36-48.
  • Viruru, R., & Nasser, R (2017). Wa’allah, the woman she should go direct to Paradise: Perceptions of motherhood in Qatar. Global Studies of Childhood. 7(2), 148-158.
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  • Cannella, G. S., & Viruru, R (1999). Generating possibilities for the construction of childhood studies.. Journal of Curriculum Theorizing. 15(1), 13-22.
  • Viruru, R., & Cannella, G. S (1997). An Indian Voice in the Education of Young Children. International Journal of Educational Reform. 6(3), 308-315.
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  • Viruru, R. (2005). Postcolonial Theory and the Practice of Teacher Education. Emerald (MCB UP ).
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  • Cannella, G. S., & Viruru, R. (2003). Childhood and Postcolonization. Routledge.
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  • Shin, J., & Viruru, R (2021). A Qualitative Study of Home-School Literacy Connections Between Korean ELL Families and Their Children's Early Childhood Teachers. Advances in Early Childhood and K-12 Education. 238-264. IGI Global.
  • Rios, A., Viruru, R., & Ozfidan, B (2021). Don't Be a Ghost Who Drops Grades in Blackboard. Research Anthology on Developing Effective Online Learning Courses. 2049-2071. IGI Global.
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  • Viruru, R., & Persky, J. C (2019). Postcolonial Theory and Teacher Education. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Education. Oxford University Press.
  • Viruru, R., & Askari, N (2019). How muslim women negotiate systems of motherhood in two cultures. Multiple early childhood identities. 185-199. Routledge.
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  • Persky, J. C., & Viruru, R (2015). Teaching in the borderlands: Stories from Texas. Unsettling the Colonial Places and Spaces of Early Childhood Education. 127-143.
Conference Papers2
  • Viruru, R (2008). Childhood Labor in India: Issues and Complexities. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood. 9(3), 224-233.
  • Viruru, R., & Cannella, G. S (2006). A postcolonial critique of the ethnographic interview - Research analyzes research. QUALITATIVE INQUIRY AND THE CONSERVATIVE CHALLENGE. 175-+.
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