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Instructional Assistant Professor

Dr. Paudyal's research interest focus on using herd and animal level data for decision making in dairy farms. His research utilizes innovative technologies to optimize production, health, and well-being of dairy cattle.

education and training
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Academic Articles11
  • Paudyal, S. (2021). Using rumination time to manage health and reproduction in dairy cattle: a review.. Veterinary Quarterly. 41(1), 292-300.
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  • Paudyal, S., Melendez, P., Manriquez, D., Velasquez-Munoz, A., Pena, G., Roman-Muniz, I. N., & Pinedo, P. J. (2020). Use of milk electrical conductivity for the differentiation of mastitis causing pathogens in Holstein cows. Animal. 14(3), 588-596.
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  • Velasquez-Munoz, A., Manriquez, D., Paudyal, S., Solano, G., Han, H., Callan, R., Velez, J., & Pinedo, P. (2019). Effect of a mechanical grooming brush on the behavior and health of recently weaned heifer calves. BMC Veterinary Research. 15(1), 284.
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  • Velasquez-Munoz, A., Manriquez, D., Paudyal, S., Han, H., Callan, R., Ryan, E. P., & Pinedo, P. (2019). Effect of prebiotic supplementation with stabilized rice bran in milk of pre-weaned organic Holstein calves. BMC Veterinary Research. 15(1), 53.
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  • Paudyal, S., Manriquez, D., Velasquez, A., Shearer, J. K., Plummer, P. J., Melendez, P., ... Pinedo, P. J. (2019). Efficacy of non-antibiotic treatment options for digital dermatitis on an organic dairy farm. Vet J. 255, 105417-105417.
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