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  • Cooper, J. J., Levine, J. M., Young, B. D., Hicks, D. G., Hoffman, A., & Bratton, G (2010). Imaging diagnosis--magnetic resonance imaging pseudolesion associated with the petrous temporal bone.. Vet Radiol Ultrasound. (1),
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  • Cooper, J. J., Young, B. D., Hoffman, A., Bratton, G., Hicks, D. G., Tidwell, A., & Levine, J. M (2010). Intracranial magnetic resonance imaging artifacts and pseudolesions in dogs and cats.. Vet Radiol Ultrasound. (6),
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  • KRAMER, J., COATES, J. R., HOFFMAN, A. G., & FRAPPIER, B. L. (2007). Preliminary Anatomic Investigation of Three Approaches to the Equine Cranium and Brain for Limited Craniectomy Procedures. 36(5), 500-508.
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  • Taylor, D. S., Pascoe, J. R., Honnas, C. M., & Hoffman, A. G. (1997). Management of flexor tendon lacerations in horses. 19(2), 238-+.
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