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  • Miyamoto, T., & Amrein, H. (2019). Neuronal Gluconeogenesis Regulates Systemic Glucose Homeostasis in Drosophila melanogaster. Current biology : CB. 29(8), 1263-1272.e5.
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  • Miyamoto, T., & Amrein, H. (2017). Gluconeogenesis: An ancient biochemical pathway with a new twist.. FLY. 11(3), 218-223.
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  • Miyamoto, T., & Amrein, H. (2014). Diverse roles for the Drosophila fructose sensor Gr43a.. FLY. 8(1), 19-25.
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  • Mishra, D., Miyamoto, T., Rezenom, Y. H., Broussard, A., Yavuz, A., Slone, J., Russell, D. H., & Amrein, H. (2013). The Molecular Basis of Sugar Sensing in Drosophila Larvae. Current biology : CB. 23(15), 1466-1471.
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  • Miyamoto, T., Wright, G., & Amrein, H. (2013). Nutrient sensors. Current biology : CB. 23(9), r369-r373.
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