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Academic Articles40
  • Baco, A. R., Morgan, N. B., Roark, E. B., & Biede, V. (2023). Bottom-contact fisheries disturbance and signs of recovery of precious corals in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands and Emperor Seamount Chain. Ecological Indicators. 148, 110010-110010.
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  • Maupin, C. R., Roark, E. B., Thirumalai, K., Shen, C., Schumacher, C., Van Kampen-Lewis, S., ... Partin, J. W. (2021). Abrupt Southern Great Plains thunderstorm shifts linked to glacial climate variability. NATURE GEOSCIENCE. 14(6), 396-+.
  • Smith, J. R., Watling, L., Summers, N., Roark, E. B., Morgan, N., Lensing, B., ... Baco-Taylor, A (2020). Exploring for a Biogeographic Boundary Along the Emperor Seamount Chain: A Multidisciplinary Approach. OCEANOGRAPHY. 33(1), 94-94.
  • Juarez, J. G., Garcia-Luna, S., Chaves, L. F., Carbajal, E., Valdez, E., Avila, C., ... Hamer, G. L. (2020). Dispersal of female and male Aedes aegypti from discarded container habitats using a stable isotope mark-capture study design in South Texas.. Sci Rep. 10(1), 6803.
  • Miller, G. H., Hart, C. P., Roark, E. B., & Johnson, B. J. (2000). Isoleucine Epimerization in Eggshells of the Flightless Australian Birds Genyornis and Dromaius. Goodfriend, G. A., Collins, M. J., Fogel, M. L., Macko, S. A., & Wehmiller, J. F. (Eds.), Perspectives in Amino Acid and Protein Geochemistry. 161-181. Oxford University Press, USA.
Conference Papers2
  • Harrison, L., Weis, D., Scoates, J., O'Connor, J., Regelous, M., Baco, A., & Roark, E. B. (2022). Renewed Volcanism at the Hawaiian-Emperor Bend at ~31 Ma. Goldschmidt2022 abstracts, Goldschmidt2022 abstracts.
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  • Robinson, L. F., Adkins, J. F., Frank, N., Gagnon, A. C., Prouty, N. G., Roark, E. B., & van de Flierdt, T. (2014). The geochemistry of deep-sea coral skeletons: A review of vital effects and applications for palaeoceanography. DEEP-SEA RESEARCH PART II-TOPICAL STUDIES IN OCEANOGRAPHY. 99, 184-198.
Repository Documents / Preprints1
  • Guilderson, T. P., McCarthy, M. D., Dunbar, R. B., Englebrecht, A., & Roark, E. B. (2013). Late Holocene variations in Pacific surface circulation and biogeochemistry inferred from proteinaceous deep-sea corals.
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