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I focus on sociocultural perspectives of literacy in particular because literacy has historically acted as a gatekeeper to educational opportunity and equity. From my early career as a writing teacher for international and immigrant students, to teaching elementary students, and then teaching high school students abroad in Japan, I have seen and experienced how literacy is a source of identity, power, and opportunity. Because of experiences like these, I have dedicated my research studies to understanding how to prepare future teachers to support youth for the literacy demands of their school, work, and future.

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  • Kwok, M., Welder, R. M., Moore, J., & Williams, A. M. (2022). Beyond Keywords: Applying Systemic Functional Linguistics to Unpack the Language of Additive Word Problems. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF SCIENCE AND MATHEMATICS EDUCATION. 1-24.
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  • Kwok, A., Rios, A., & Kwok, M. (2022). Pre-service teachers' motivations to enter the profession. JOURNAL OF CURRICULUM STUDIES. 54(4), 576-597.
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  • Kwok, M. (2022). Tensions between disciplinarity and generality within a professional development on writing instruction. ENGLISH TEACHING-PRACTICE AND CRITIQUE. 21(1), 71-83.
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  • Kwok, M. N., Rios, A. R., Kwok, A., & Matthews, S. D. (2021). Teacher Candidates' Developing Beliefs About Diversity and Its Role in Effective Literacy Teaching. EDUCATION AND URBAN SOCIETY. 53(8), 886-908.
  • Kwok, M. N., Ganding III, E., Hull, G. A., & Moje, E. B. Sociocultural approaches to high school writing instruction. Examining the roles of context, positionality, and power. Handbook of writing research. 257-271. Guilford Press New York, NY.
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