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  • Ortlieb, E., Grote-Garcia, S., Pletcher, B., Hudson, A., Perfetto, A., Durham, P., ... Kerbs, M. (2023). How Teachers Do and Dont Address Issues of Diversity in Literacy Instruction. Reading Psychology. ahead-of-print(ahead-of-print), 1-25.
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  • Piasta, S. B., & Hudson, A. K. (2022). Key Knowledge to Support Phonological Awareness and Phonics Instruction. READING TEACHER. 76(2), 201-210.
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  • Beerwinkle, A. L., Owens, J., & Hudson, A. (2021). An Analysis of Comprehension Strategies and Skills Covered within Grade 3-5 Reading Textbooks in the United States. TECHNOLOGY KNOWLEDGE AND LEARNING. 26(2), 311-338.
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  • Hudson, A. K., Owens, J., Moore, K. A., Lambright, K., & Wijekumar, K. K. (2021). "What's the Main Idea?": Using Text Structure to Build Comprehension. READING TEACHER. 75(1), 113-118.
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  • Zhang, S., Han, B., Hudson, A. K., Moore, K. A., & Joshi, R. M. (2022). John Effect in Literacy Acquisition: The Role of Morphological Awareness in Literacy Acquisition in Different Orthographies. Developing Language and Literacy. 369-385. Springer Nature.
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