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  • Gretzel, U., Isacsson, A., Matarrita, D., & Wainio, E. (2011). Teaching Based on TEFI Values: A Case Study. Journal of Teaching in Travel & Tourism. Prebežac, D., Schott, C., & Sheldon, P. (Eds.), The Tourism Education Futures Initiative Activating Change in Tourism Education. (pp. 94-106). Informa Uk Limited.
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  • Samsonov, P., Pedersen, S., & Hill, C. L. (2006). Using problem-based learning software with at-risk students: A case study. Computers in the Schools. Type II Uses of Technology in Education: Projects, Case Studies, and Software Applications. (pp. 111-124). Informa Uk Limited.
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  • Crick, R. E., Raymond, A., & Scotese, C. R. (1995). Introduction. HISTORICAL BIOLOGY. (pp. 1-2). Informa Uk Limited.
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