Rodriguez-Iturbe, Ignacio individual record
Distinguished Professor

My research focuses on coastal ecosystems, hydrogeomorphology, ecohydrology, river basin functioning and organization, and stochastic modelling of natural phenomena.

selected publications
Academic Articles295
  • Staver, A. C., Asner, G. P., Rodriguez-Iturbe, I., Levin, S. A., & Smit, I. (2019). Spatial patterning among savanna trees in high-resolution, spatially extensive data.. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 116(22), 10681-10685.
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  • Rodriguez-Iturbe, I., Chen, Z., Stave, A. C., & Levin, S. A. (2019). Tree clusters in savannas result from islands of soil moisture.. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 116(14), 6679-6683.
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  • Muneepeerakul, R., Bertuzzo, E., Rinaldo, A., & Rodriguez-Iturbe, I. (2019). Evolving biodiversity patterns in changing river networks.. J Theor Biol. 462, 418-424.
  • Schaffer, B. E., & Rodriguez-Iturbe, I. (2018). Water-limited vegetated ecosystems driven by stochastic rainfall: feedbacks and bimodality.. Proc Math Phys Eng Sci. 474(2214), 20170649-20170649.
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  • Rinaldo, A., Gatto, M., & Rodriguez-Iturbe, I. (2018). River networks as ecological corridors: A coherent ecohydrological perspective.. Adv Water Resour. 112, 27-58.
  • Porporato, A., & Rodrguez-Iturbe, I. (2005). Stochastic soil moisture dynamics and vegetation response. Oxford University Press.
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  • Rodrguez-Iturbe, I., & Porporato, A. (2005). Ecohydrology of Water-Controlled Ecosystems. Cambridge University Press (CUP).
  • Rodrguez-Iturbe, I., & Gupta, V. K. (1983). Introduction. Grow, N. B., Gursky-Doyen, S., & Krzton, A. (Eds.), High Altitude Primates. vi-vii. Elsevier bv.
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Conference Papers7
  • Xu, X., Medvigy, D., & Rodriguez-Iturbe, I. (2015). Relation between rainfall intensity and savanna tree abundance explained by water use strategies.. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 112(42), 12992-12996.
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  • DOdorico, P., Porporato, A., Laio, F., Ridolfi, L., & Rodriguez-Iturbe, I. (2004). Probabilistic modeling of nitrogen and carbon dynamics in water-limited ecosystems. Ecological Modelling. 179(2), 205-219.
  • Rodrguez-Iturbe, I. (2003). Hydrologic dynamics and ecosystem structure.. Water Sci Technol. 47(6), 18-24.
  • Ridolfi, L., D'Odorico, P., Porporato, A., & Rodriguez-Iturbe, I. (2003). Stochastic soil moisture dynamics along a hillslope. Journal of Hydrology. 272(1-4), 264-275.
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  • Rinaldo, A., & Rodriguez-Iturbe, I. (1997). Dynamics of self-organization and the fluvial landscape: A nonreductionist perspective. Proceedings, Congress of the International Association of Hydraulic Research, IAHR. A, 34-39.
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