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My current research focus is plant genetics, genomics, and gene editing, with an emphasis on rice and several other crops. This covers various traits, including abiotic and biotic stresses, grain quality, yield and important agronomic traits that are important to Texas and the rest of the world. Different sources of genetic donors, including exotic germplasm will be used to increase the diversity of research material. Local, national and international research collaborations will be pursued to accelerate progress for crop improvement and broaden the research impacts.

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Academic Articles71
  • Dunbar, T., Tsakirpaloglou, N., Septiningsih, E. M., & Thomson, M. J. (2022). Carbon Nanotube-Mediated Plasmid DNA Delivery in Rice Leaves and Seeds.. Int J Mol Sci. (8), 4081-4081.
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  • Thomson, M. J., Biswas, S., Tsakirpaloglou, N., & Septiningsih, E. M. (2022). Functional Allele Validation by Gene Editing to Leverage the Wealth of Genetic Resources for Crop Improvement.. Int J Mol Sci. (12), 6565-6565.
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  • Thapa, R., Tabien, R. E., Thomson, M. J., & Septiningsih, E. M. (2022). Genetic factors underlying anaerobic germination in rice: Genome-wide association study and transcriptomic analysis.. Plant Genome. e20261.
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  • Biswas, S., Ibarra, O., Shaphek, M., Molina-Risco, M., Faion-Molina, M., Bellinatti-Della Gracia, M., Thomson, M. J., & Septiningsih, E. M. (2022). Increasing the level of resistant starch in 'Presidio' rice through multiplex CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing of starch branching enzyme genes.. Plant Genome. e20225.
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  • Mondal, S., Septiningsih, E. M., Singh, R. K., & Thomson, M. J. (2022). Mapping QTLs for Reproductive Stage Salinity Tolerance in Rice Using a Cross between Hasawi and BRRI dhan28.. Int J Mol Sci. 23(19), 11376-11376.
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  • Septiningsih, E. M., & Mackill, D. J. (2018). Genetics and Breeding of Flooding Tolerance in Rice. Rice Genomics, Genetics and Breeding. 275-295. Springer Nature.
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  • Septiningsih, E. M., Collard, B., Heuer, S., BaileySerres, J., Ismail, A. M., & Mackill, D. J. (2013). Applying Genomics Tools for Breeding Submergence Tolerance in Rice. Translational Genomics for Crop Breeding. 9-30. John Wiley & Sons Ltd.
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  • McCouch, S. R., Temnykh, S., Lukashova, A., Coburn, J., DeClerck, G., Cartinhour, S., ... Li, J. (2008). Microsatellite markers in rice: abundance, diversity, and applications. Rice Genetics Collection. 117-135. World Scientific Publishing.
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Conference Papers3
  • Iftekharuddaula, R. M., Ahmed, H. U., Ghosal, S., Amin, A. l., Moni, Z. R., Ray, B. P., ... Septiningsih, E. M. (2016). Development of early maturing submergence-tolerant rice varieties for Bangladesh. FIELD CROPS RESEARCH. 190, 44-53.
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  • McCouch, S. R., Sweeney, M., Li, J., Jiang, H., Thomson, M., Septiningsih, E., ... Ahn, S. (2007). Identification and transfer of trait-enhancing alleles from wild species. Rice Genetics V, Rice Genetics V. 209-234.
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  • McCouch, S. R., Sweeney, M., Li, J., Jiang, H., Thomson, M., Septiningsih, E., ... Ahn, S. (2007). Through the genetic bottleneck: O-rufipogon as a source of trait-enhancing alleles for O-sativa. EUPHYTICA. 154(3), 317-339.
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Repository Documents / Preprints1
  • Lahiri, A., Rastogi, K., Datta, A., & Septiningsih, E. M. (2021). Bayesian Network Analysis of Lysine Biosynthesis Pathway in Rice.
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