Dr. Starman's area of research is floriculture stress physiology and floriculture postharvest physiology.

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Academic Articles47
  • Guo, Y., Starman, T., & Hall, C. (2019). Growth, Quality, and Economic Value Responses of Bedding Plants to Reduced Water Usage. HortScience. 54(5), 856-864.
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  • Greyvenstein, O., Pemberton, H. B., Niu, G., Starman, T., & Byrne, D. H. (2019). Heat tolerance in garden roses. VII INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON ROSE RESEARCH AND CULTIVATION. 1232(1232), 165-170.
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  • Guo, Y., Niu, G., Starman, T., & Gu, M. (2019). Growth and development of Easter lily in response to container substrate with biochar. The Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology. 94(1), 80-86.
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  • Guo, Y., Niu, G., Starman, T., Volder, A., & Gu, M. (2018). Poinsettia Growth and Development Response to Container Root Substrate with Biochar. Horticulturae. (1), 1-1.
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Conference Papers11
  • Greyvenstein, O., Starman, T., Byrne, D. H., Pemberton, H. B., & Niu, G. (2015). Mean Daily Maximum Temperature for 8-14 Days before Harvest as a Good Predictor of Change in Garden Rose Flower Dry Weight. VI INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON ROSE RESEARCH AND CULTIVATION. 1064(1064), 67-72.
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  • Niu, G., Rodriguez, D. S., Wang, M., Starman, T., & Zhang, D. (2011). Responses of zinnia to saline water irrigation. Acta Horticulturae. 922, 237-244.
  • Niu, G., Cabrera, R. I., Starman, T. W., & Hall, C. R. (2011). Water Conservation Team in Ornamental Crops through the Use of Alternative Irrigation Water Sources. HortTechnology. 21(6), 694-695.
  • Lin, M., Starman, T. W., Wang, Y., & Niu, G. (2010). Deferring Flowering of Two Hybrid Nobile Dendrobium Cultivars by Holding Plants under Low Temperature after Vernalization. HORTSCIENCE. 45(8), S300-S300.
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