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Assistant Professor and Extension Specialist
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Academic Articles3
  • Nickodem, C., Arnold, A. N., Gehring, K. B., Gill, J. J., Richeson, J. T., Samuelson, K. L., ... Norman, K. N. (2023). A Longitudinal Study on the Dynamics of Salmonella enterica Prevalence and Serovar Composition in Beef Cattle Feces and Lymph Nodes and Potential Contributing Sources from the Feedlot Environment.. Appl Environ Microbiol. 89(4), e0003323-e00023.
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  • Moss, R. H., Avery, S., Baja, K., Burkett, M., Chischilly, A. M., Dell, J., ... Zimmerman, R. (2019). A Framework for Sustained Climate Assessment in the United States. BULLETIN OF THE AMERICAN METEOROLOGICAL SOCIETY. 100(5), 897-908.
  • Dantas, F. G., Reese, S. T., Filho, R., Carvalho, R. S., Franco, G. A., Abbott, C. R., ... Pohler, K. G. (2019). Effect of complexed trace minerals on cumulus-oocyte complex recovery and in vitro embryo production in beef cattle1,2.. J Anim Sci. 97(4), 1478-1490.
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Conference Papers2
  • Beck, M. R., Proctor, J., Kasuske, Z., Smith, J. K., Gouvea, V., Lockard, C., Min, B., & Brauer, D. (2022). Effects of Incorporating Malted Barley in a Finishing Ration on Intake, Performance, and Enteric Methane Emission of Beef Steers. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 100, 146-146.
  • Smith, J. K., Pineiro, J., & Benavidez, J. (2021). The Economics and Role of Beef X Dairy Calves in the Beef Supply Chain. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 99, 51-51.
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