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Projects in my lab range from studying the dynamics of genetic diversity within species to the evolution of entire plant orders, and from regional patterns of community assembly to the global structure of phylogenetic and functional diversity. As climate changes, habitats fragment, and extinction rates rise, we use this evolutionary perspective to understand the processes through which species have evolved and assembled so that we are better equipped to protect them.

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  • Larridon, I., Zuntini, A. R., Leveille-Bourret, E., Barrett, R. L., Starr, J. R., Muasya, A. M., ... Baker, W. J. (2021). A new classification of Cyperaceae (Poales) supported by phylogenomic data. JOURNAL OF SYSTEMATICS AND EVOLUTION. 59(4), 852-895.
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  • Benitez-Benitez, C., Martin-Bravo, S., Bjora, C. S., Gebauer, S., Hipp, A. L., Hoffmann, M. H., ... Jimenez-Mejias, P. (2021). Geographical vs. ecological diversification in Carex section Phacocystis (Cyperaceae): Patterns hidden behind a twisted taxonomy. JOURNAL OF SYSTEMATICS AND EVOLUTION. 59(4), 642-667.
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  • Marquez-Corro, J. I., Martin-Bravo, S., Jimenez-Mejias, P., Hipp, A. L., Spalink, D., Naczi, R., ... Escudero, M. (2021). Macroevolutionary insights into sedges (Carex: Cyperaceae): The effects of rapid chromosome number evolution on lineage diversification. JOURNAL OF SYSTEMATICS AND EVOLUTION. 59(4), 776-790.
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  • Zhang, Y., Qian, L., Spalink, D., Sun, L. u., Chen, J., & Sun, H. (2021). Spatial phylogenetics of two topographic extremes of the Hengduan Mountains in southwestern China and its implications for biodiversity conservation.. Plant Divers. 43(3), 181-191.
  • Givnish, T. J., Kriebel, R., Zaborsky, J. G., Rose, J. P., Spalink, D., Waller, D. M., Cameron, K. M., & Sytsma, K. J. (2020). Adaptive associations among life history, reproductive traits, environment, and origin in the Wisconsin angiosperm flora.. Am J Bot. 107(12), 1677-1692.
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