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Dr. Luhan, FAIA, is a nationally recognized architect, scholar, author, professor, and academic leader whose work investigates how design, emerging digital technologies, critical theory, pedagogy, practice, and academic-industry partnerships intersect. His doctoral research and dissertation validated the effectiveness of co-created learning within collaborative architectural design studios. The NSF, NEA, DOE, Graham Foundation, Robert Woods Johnson Foundation, and non-traditional industry-based sources fund his research, and the International Foundation of the Centre Canadien d'Architecture used his virtual models in its Design of Cities Prize Competition. Scholars cite his work for its innovative uses of technology in design, digital fabrication, and construction. His professional practice includes award-winning, research-driven projects based upon collaborative relationships with disciplines outside architecture. Before his appointment at Texas A&M, Dr. Luhan was the John Russell Groves Endowed Professor of Architecture at the University of Kentucky College of Design-School of Architecture and a University Research Professor at the Lewis Honors College, the College of Engineering Center for Visualization and Virtual Environments. Before founding his firm, he served as a Senior Designer and Project Architect on acclaimed national and international projects with Agrest & Gandelsonas, Gwathmey Siegel, and Eisenman Architects after interning with Edward Larrabee Barnes in New York.

selected publications
Academic Articles9
  • Luhan, G. (2021). Intelligence: Call for Papers. Technology|Architecture + Design. 5(2), 160-161.
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  • Brause, C., Ford, C., Kraus, C., Luhan, G., Murray, S., Newman, W. E., ... Zarzycki, A. (2021). Reflections on Five Years of TAD. Technology|Architecture + Design. 5(2), 119-120.
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  • Luhan, G. (2021). Scaling Intelligence. Technology|Architecture + Design. 5(2), 122-122.
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  • Marinic, G., Radtke, R., & Luhan, G. (2021). Critical Spatial Practices: A Trans-scalar Study of Chinese Hutongs and American Alleyways. Interiority. 4(1), 27-42.
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Conference Papers11
  • Radtke, R., & Luhan, G. A. (2019). The thickened line | Constructing exploratory sketches and mobile sections. Of Performance. Proceedings of the 6th Annual Architecture & Film Symposium, 6th Annual Architecture & Film Symposium. 44-52.
  • Poustinchi, E., Wang, S., & Luhan, G. (2018). No Keyboard, No Mouse - Hybrid Digital-Analog Hardware Design for Enhancing Design UI and UX. CAADRIA proceedings, CAADRIA 2018: Learning, Prototyping and Adapting. 1, 535-544.
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  • Lanham, T., Shaifa, I., Poustinchi, E., & Luhan, G. (2017). Craft and Digital Consequences - Micro-Hybrid Explorations at (Full) Scale. Proceedings of the 35th International Conference on Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe (eCAADe) [Volume 2], eCAADe 2017 : ShoCK! Sharing of Computable Knowledge!. 2, 327-336.
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  • Safarova, B., Ledesma, E., Luhan, G., Caffey, S., & Giusti, C. (2015). Learning from Collaborative Integration:The Hackathon as Design Charrette. Proceedings of the 33th International Conference on Education and Research in Computer Aided Architectural Design in Europe (eCAADe) [Volume 2], eCAADe 2015: Real time - extending the reach of computation. 2, 233-240.
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  • Luhan, G. A., & Gregory, R. (2013). Across Disciplines: Triggering Frame Awareness in Design Education. Proceedings of the XVII Conference of the Iberoamerican Society of Digital Graphics - SIGraDi: Knowledge-based Design, XVII Conference of the Iberoamerican Society of Digital Graphics - SIGraDi: Knowledge-based Design. 619-623.
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  • Luhan, G. (2005). Between the Drawn and the Actualized. 94-97.
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