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Academic Articles13
  • Tembey, P., Vega, A., Buyuktosunoglu, A., Da Silva, D., & Bose, P. (2013). SMT switch: Software Mechanisms for Power Shifting. IEEE Computer Architecture Letters. 12(2), 67-70.
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  • Hand, S., & Da Silva, D. (2012). Chairs' welcome. ACM SIGPLAN Notices. 47(7),
  • da Silva, D., Dongyan, X., & Reed, D. (2011). Guest editorial-second part of special issue on cloud computing. Journal of Internet Services and Applications. 2(3), 189-189.
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  • da Silva, D., Xu, D., & Reed, D. (2011). Guest editorial-special issue on cloud computing. Journal of Internet Services and Applications. 2(2), 139-140.
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  • Blair, G., Kon, F., Cirne, W., Milojicic, D., Ramakrishnan, R., Reed, D., & Silva, D. (2011). Perspectives on cloud computing: interviews with five leading scientists from the cloud community. Journal of Internet Services and Applications. 2(1), 3-9.
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  • Youseff, L., Da Silva, D. M., Butrico, M., & Appavoo, J. (2010). Understanding the cloud computing landscape. Cloud Computing and Software Services: Theory and Techniques. (pp. 1-16). CRC Press.
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Conference Papers28
  • Feng, L., Kudva, P., Da Silva, D., Hu, J., & IEEE, .. (2018). Exploring Serverless Computing for Neural Network Training. IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing, CLOUD. 2018-July, 334-341.
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  • He, H., Hu, J., Da Silva, D., & IEEE, .. (2017). Enhancing Datacenter Resource Management through Temporal Logic Constraints. Proceedings - 2016 IEEE 30th International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium, IPDPS 2016. 133-142.
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  • Wu, C. P., Suresh, M. A., & Da Silva, D. (2017). Poster: Container lifecycle management for edge nodes.
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  • Silva, M., Hines, M. R., Gallo, D., Liu, Q. i., Ryu, K. D., & da Silva, D. (2013). CloudBench Experiment Automation for Cloud Environments. 302-311.
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Da Silva
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