Dr. Yentes' research focuses on functional resiliency and reserve in older adults. Using objective measures of reserve, Dr. Yentes works to understand how resilience and reserve in middle-age can potentially predict non-normative aging in later life. Her training primarily focuses on gait and postural control mechanics as well as using dynamic systems (nonlinear mathematics) to quantify movement data.

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Academic Articles29
  • Yentes, J. M., Raffalt, P. C., & Vaz, J. R. (2021). Methodological considerations for a non-linear analysis of running in the heavy and severe intensity domains. European Journal of Applied Physiology. 121(7), 2101-2102.
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  • Fallahtafti, F., Mohammadzadeh Gonabadi, A., Samson, K., & Yentes, J. M. (2021). Margin of Stability May Be Larger and Less Variable during Treadmill Walking Versus Overground. Biomechanics. 1(1), 118-130.
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  • Kim, H. J., Yentes, J., Venema, D., & Boron, J. B. (2021). High Cognitive Load Situations With Different Conversation Topics Affect Walking Speed and Cognitive Complexity. Innovation in Aging. 5(Supplement_1), 700-701.
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  • Fallahtafti, F., Boron, J. B., Venema, D. M., Kim, H. J., & Yentes, J. M (2021). Task specificity impacts dual-task interference in older adults. Aging Clinical and Experimental Research. (3), 587.
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  • McGrath, M. L., Yentes, J. M., & Rosen, A. B. (2020). Cognitive Loading Produces Similar Change in Postural Stability in Patients With Chronic Ankle Instability and Controls. Athletic Training & Sports Health Care. 12(6), 249-256.
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  • Yentes, J. M. (2018). Entropy. Nonlinear Analysis for Human Movement Variability. 173-260. CRC Press.
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Conference Papers6
  • Rosen, A. B., Mukherjee, M., Yentes, J. M., McGrath, M. L., & Maerlender, A. C (2021). O19Cortical activation variability is altered in individuals with chronic ankle instability during single limb postural control. Abstracts from the 7th International Ankle Symposium: 2017, 7th International Ankle Symposium, 2017. 51(Suppl 1), a7.
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  • Henrickson, J. D., Rosen, A. B., Yentes, J. M., & McGrath, M. L (2021). P21The relationship between centre of pressure and body mass index in individuals with chronic ankle instability. Posters presentations, 7th International Ankle Symposium, 2017. 51(Suppl 1), a21-a21.
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  • Wiens, C., Denton, W., Schieber, M. N., Hartley, R., Marmelat, V., Myers, S. A., & Yentes, J. M. (2017). Reliability of a feedback-controlled treadmill algorithm dependent on the user's behavior. 2017 IEEE International Conference on Electro Information Technology (EIT), 2017 IEEE International Conference on Electro-Information Technology (EIT). 2017, 545-550.
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  • Yentes, J. M., Rennard, S. I., & Stergiou, N (2011). Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Does Affect Gait. B17. COPD: A DISEASE OF THE MUSCLES, American Thoracic Society 2011 International Conference, May 13-18, 2011 Denver Colorado. 183, a2530-a2530.
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  • Firooz, N., Taylor, C. E., Nouvong, A., Masih, S., Yentes, J. M., Perell, K. L., & Fang, M. A. (2006). Effects of footwear on medial knee osteoarthritis.. ARTHRITIS AND RHEUMATISM. 54(9), S670-S670.
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