My areas of research are highly interdisciplinary and include automated assembly system design, control, integration, diagnosis, and preventative maintenance; optical and infrared imaging for product/process characterization and failure prediction; micro/nano manufacturing; and design of technology for automation and robotics education.

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Academic Articles49
  • Wang, C., Chen, S., Tsai, P., Chiou, C., & Hsieh, S. (2017). The fabrication and thermal properties of bismuth–aluminum oxide nanothermometers. Nanotechnology. 28(4), 045705-045705.
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  • Xie, J., Hsieh, S., Wang, H., & Tan, Z. (2016). Thermography and machine learning techniques for tomato freshness prediction.. Applied Optics. 55(34), d131-d139.
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  • Wang, H., Hsieh, S., Peng, B. o., & Zhou, X. (2016). Non-metallic coating thickness prediction using artificial neural network and support vector machine with time resolved thermography. Infrared Physics & Technology. 77, 316-324.
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  • A., E., Hsieh, S., & Wang, Y. (2016). Miniaturized Automated Color Sorting System using Programmable Logic Control and Web-based Server. International Journal of Computer Applications. 143(2), 12-20.
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  • Shum, A., Wang, Y., & Hsieh, S. (2016). Design, Build and Remote Control of a Miniature Automated Robotic Sorting System. International Journal of Computer Applications. 141(3), 12-17.
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Conference Papers57
  • Hart, T. G., & Hsieh, S. J. (2016). MAKER: Mobile device app for wireless control of a PLC-based automated system. 2005 Annual Conference Proceedings. 2016-June,
  • Siddiqi, J. S., & Hsieh, S. J. (2016). MAKER: Programmable logic control (PLC)-based automated system for water-level control for teaching pneumatics and hydraulics. 2005 Annual Conference Proceedings. 2016-June,
  • Xie, J., Hsieh, S., Wang, H., Tan, Z., & Zhang, J. (2016). Prediction of tomato freshness using infrared thermal imaging and transient step heating. Nanosensing: Materials and Devices. 9861, 98610b-98610b-10.
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  • Hsieh, S. J. (1998). Integration of manufacturing system design across curricula. Technical Paper - Society of Manufacturing Engineers. AD. (319), 1-4.
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