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Academic Articles66
  • Lee, K. J., Fernandez, M., Scott, D., & Floyd, M. (2022). Slow violence in public parks in the US: can we escape our troubling past?. SOCIAL & CULTURAL GEOGRAPHY. 1-18.
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  • Lee, J., Lee, S., Heo, J., & Scott, D. (2021). Deconstructing serious leisure using identity theory. JOURNAL OF LEISURE RESEARCH. 52(5), 599-618.
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  • Zou, S. S., & Scott, D. (2018). Constraints to Pickup Basketball Participation among Chinese American Women. LEISURE SCIENCES. 40(5), 307-325.
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  • Scott, D. (2018). Rediscovering the adult play group. Leisure/Loisir. 42(2), 231-242.
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  • Joo, D., Woosnam, K. M., Shafer, C. S., Scott, D., & An, S. (2017). Considering Tobler's first law of geography in a tourism context. TOURISM MANAGEMENT. 62(C), 350-359.
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  • Scott, D. (2017). Why Veblen Matters: The Role of Status Seeking in Contemporary Leisure. The Palgrave Handbook of Leisure Theory. 385-399. Springer Nature.
  • Scott, D. (2013). THE LEISURE CLASS From Veblen to Linder to MacCannell. ROUTLEDGE HANDBOOK OF LEISURE STUDIES. 110-119.
Conference Papers2
  • Lai, P., Cheng, C., & Scott, D. (2006). Building stewardship with recreation users: an approach of market segmentation to meet the goal of public-lands management. PROCEEDINGS OF THE 2006 NORTHEASTERN RECREATION RESEARCH SYMPOSIUM. (P-14), 356-+.
  • SCOTT, D., & CASAVECCHIA, C. (1994). An importance performance appraisal of bugfest. INTERPRETIVE SOURCEBOOK: THE PROCEEDINGS OF THE 1994 NATIONAL INTERPRETERS' WORKSHOP. 315-319.
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