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My areas of specialization are Victorian literature and culture, with particular emphasis on gender, family, and childhood; I have also published work on American texts, particularly those of the nineteenth century.

selected publications
Academic Articles22
  • Kim, S., & Nelson, C. (2018). Navigating Between Home and Empire: Mobility and Male Friendship in Tom Browns Schooldays and The Three Midshipmen. Children's Literature in Education. 49(3), 323-337.
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  • Claudia Nelson. (2018). Masked Kidnappers: Representing Adoptive Mothers, 19392010. Adoption & Culture. 6(1), 94-94.
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  • Nelson, C. B. (2015). Adapting Chinese Children's Texts for U .S .ReadersThree Case Studies. Journal of Ocean University of China. (2), 46-50.
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  • Morey, A., & Nelson, C. (2015). A God Buys Us Cheeseburgers: Rick Riordans Percy Jackson Series and Americas Culture Wars. The Lion and the Unicorn. 39(3), 235-253.
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  • Nelson, C. (2013). Adoption, Fostering, and the Poor. Victorian Review. 39(2), 57-61.
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  • Nelson, C., & Morey, A. (2019). Topologies of the Classical World in Children's Fiction Palimpsests, Maps, and Fractals. Oxford University Press.
  • Dau, D., & Preston, S. (2015). Queer Victorian Families. Routledge.
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  • Nelson, C. B., & Morris, M. R. (2014). Representing Children in Chinese and U.S. Children's Literature. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd..
  • Nelson, C. (2010). Invisible Men Fatherhood in Victorian Periodicals, 1850-1910. University of Georgia Press.
  • Nelson, C. (2020). Orphans, Money and Marriage in Sensation Novels by Wilkie Collins and Philip Pullman. Warren, D., & Peters, L. (Eds.), Rereading Orphanhood: Texts, Inheritance, Kin. 248-267. Edinburgh University Press.
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  • Nelson, C. (2017). Growing Up: Childhood. A Companion to Victorian Literature and Culture. 67-81. Blackwell Publishing Ltd.
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  • Nelson, C. (2016). Adult Childrens Literature in Victorian Britain. Denisoff, D. (Eds.), The Nineteenth-Century Child and Consumer Culture. 137-149. Routledge.
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  • Nelson, C. (2016). Representing Children in Chinese and U.S. Children's Literature. Nelson, C., & Morris, R. (Eds.), Representing Children in Chinese and U.S. Children's Literature. 137-146. Routledge.
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  • Nelson, C. (2015). Childrens writing. Peterson, L. H. (Eds.), The Cambridge Companion to Victorian Women's Writing. 251-264. Cambridge University Press.
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