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  • Baker, A., Wang, H., Mogg, M., Derouen, Z., Borski, J., & Grant, W. E. (2020). Increasing Incidence of Anaplasmosis in the United States, 2012 Through 2016. 20(11), 855-859.
  • Wang, H., Grant, W. E., & Teague, R. (2020). Modeling rangelands as spatially-explicit complex adaptive systems. 269, 110762-110762.
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  • Mogg, M., Wang, H., Baker, A., Derouen, Z., Borski, J., & Grant, W. E. (2020). Increased Incidence of Ehrlichia chaffeensis Infections in the United States, 2012 Through 2016. 20(7), 547-550.
  • Koralewski, T. E., Wang, H., Grant, W. E., Brewer, M. J., Elliott, N. C., Westbrook, J. K., ... Michaud, J. P. (2020). Integrating Models of Atmospheric Dispersion and Crop-Pest Dynamics: Linking Detection of Local Aphid Infestations to Forecasts of Region-Wide Invasion of Cereal Crops. 113(2), 79-87.
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  • Swannack, T. M., & Grant, W. E. (2008). Systems Ecology. Encyclopedia of Ecology. 3477-3481. Elsevier.
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Conference Papers1
  • Suriyamongkol, T., McGrew, E., Culpepper, L., Beck, K., Wang, H., & Grant, W. E. (2016). Recent Range Expansions by Chinese Tallow (Triadica sebifera (L.) Small), the Most Prevalent Invasive Tree in the Forestlands of Eastern Texas. 15(sp9), 68-75.
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