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  • Rivera, H. H., Garza, T., Huerta, M., Magdaleno, R., Rojas, E., & Torres-Moron, D. (2019). Fostering an environment for resilience among Latino youth: Characteristics of a successful college readiness program. JOURNAL OF LATINOS AND EDUCATION. 18(2), 178-185.
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  • Rivera, H., & Li, J. (2019). Hispanic Parents Involvement and Teachers Empowerment as Pathways to Hispanic English Learners Academic Performance. Hispanic Journal of Behavioral Sciences. 41(2), 214-230.
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  • Deng, L. i., Zhu, G., Li, G., Xu, Z., Rutter, A., & Rivera, H. (2018). Student Teachers' Emotions, Dilemmas, and Professional Identity Formation Amid the Teaching Practicums. ASIA-PACIFIC EDUCATION RESEARCHER. 27(6), 441-453.
  • Zhu, G., Waxman, H., Rivera, H., & Burlbaw, L. M. (2018). The Micropolitics of Student Teachers' Professional Vulnerability During Teaching Practicums: A Chinese Perspective. ASIA-PACIFIC EDUCATION RESEARCHER. 27(2), 155-165.
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  • Tong, F., Luo, W., Irby, B. J., Lara-Alecio, R., & Rivera, H. (2017). Investigating the impact of professional development on teachers' instructional time and English learners' language development: a multilevel cross-classified approach. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BILINGUAL EDUCATION AND BILINGUALISM. 20(3), 292-313.
  • Rivera, H. H., & Francis, D. J. (2015). BUILDING CAPACITY IN COMMUNITY CONTEXT Studying the Impact of Technology on Low-Income Immigrant Spanish-Speaking Families. RESEARCH ON TECHNOLOGY USE IN MULTICULTURAL SETTINGS. 159-175.
  • Rivera, H. H., & Tharp, R. G. (2004). Sociocultural Activity Settings in the Classroom: A Study of a Classroom Observation System. Observational Research in U.S. Classrooms. 205-230. Cambridge University Press (CUP).
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