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  • Welsh, T. H., Kochran, K., Earnhardt, A. L., Cardoso, R. C., Hairgrove, T. B., Long, C. R., Riley, D., & Randel, R. D. (2022). PSVIII-B-3 Comparison of Telomere Length in Leukocytes of Control and Prenatally Stressed Brahman Bull and Heifer Calves. Journal of Animal Science. 100(Supplement_3), 314-314.
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  • Guy, C., Ketchum, J. N., Epperson, K. M., Quail, L. K., Hairgrove, T. B., Long, C. R., & Perry, G. A. (2022). PSXVI-1 Impact of Breed and/or Season on Effectiveness of Anthelmintic Treatment in Weaned Calves. Journal of Animal Science. 100(Supplement_3), 358-359.
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  • Dias Batista, L. F., Norris, A. B., Adams, J. M., Hairgrove, T. B., & Tedeschi, L. O. (2021). Technical Note: The comparison of pH and redox potential in different locations in the reticulo-rumen of growing beef steers supplemented with different levels of quebracho extract.. J Anim Sci. 99(10), skab260.
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  • Nixon, E., Mays, T. P., Routh, P. A., Yeatts, J. L., Fajt, V. R., Hairgrove, T., & Baynes, R. (2020). Plasma, Urine and Tissue Concentrations of Flunixin and Meloxicam in Pigs. BMC Veterinary Research.
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  • Bounpheng, M., Hairgrove, T. B., Summarell, C. C., & Schroeder, M. E (2020). Tritrichomonas foetus nucleic acid detection methods.
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