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  • Dubriwny, T. N., & Poirot, K (2017). Gender and Public Memory. Southern Communication Journal. 82(4), 199-202.
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  • Dubriwny, T. N (2014). Seizing the Means of Reproduction: Entanglements of Feminism, Health and Technoscience. JOURNAL OF THE HISTORY OF SEXUALITY. 23(3), 495-497.
  • Dubriwny, T. N (2013). Feminist for president: Hillary Clinton, feminism, and the 2008 Democratic primaries. Women and Language. 36(2), 35-56.
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  • Dubriwny, T. (2018). How to Be Fierce as F*&!: Full Frontals Angry Feminist Satire. Anderson, K. V. (Eds.), 143-164. Peter Lang.
  • Murawski, C. M., & Dubriwny, T. N. (2018). The Badass and the President: Scandals Prime-Time Presidency. Anderson, K. V. (Eds.), 245-264. Peter Lang.
  • Dubriwny, T. N. (2016). Mommy blogs and the disruptive possibilities of transgressive drinking. Hundley, H. L., & Hayden, S. E. (Eds.), Mediated Moms: Contemporary Challenges to the Motherhood Myth. 203-220. Peter Lang.
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