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Professor and Extension Specialist

Dr. Griffin serves as a liason between industry, commodity groups, medical and dietary professionals and Extension personnel to provide research information and technology. His key program and interest areas include cutability and composition of carcasses associated with value-based marketing, current consumer issues concerning meat and meat products, youth development and cooperative research projects.

selected publications
Academic Articles69
  • Foster, M. K., Caldwell, K. R., Arnold, A. N., Griffin, D. B., Gehring, K. B., & Savell, J. W. (2021). Palatability assessments of beef strip loin steaks portioned by weight or by thickness sourced from various carcass weight/ribeye area size combinations.. Meat Sci. 172, 108319-108319.
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  • Steele, C. C., Arnold, A. N., Gehring, K. B., Griffin, D. B., & Savell, J. W. (2020). Sorting beef subprimals by ribeye area size at the packer level to optimize utility and product uniformity in foodservice and retail.. Transl Anim Sci. 4(3), txaa107.
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  • Nickelson, K. J., Taylor, T. M., Griffin, D. B., Savell, J. W., Gehring, K. B., & Arnold, A. N. (2019). Assessment of Salmonella Prevalence in Lymph Nodes of U.S. and Mexican Cattle Presented for Slaughter in Texas.. J Food Prot. 82(2), 310-315.
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  • Bessire, B. C., Thomas, M., Gehring, K. B., Savell, J. W., Griffin, D. B., Taylor, T. M., ... Scaria, J. (2018). National survey of Salmonella prevalence in lymph nodes of sows and market hogs.. Transl Anim Sci. 2(4), 365-371.
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  • Belk, A. D., Arnold, A. N., Sawyer, J. E., Griffin, D. B., Taylor, T. M., Savell, J. W., & Gehring, K. B. (2018). Comparison of Salmonella Prevalence Rates in Bovine Lymph Nodes across Feeding Stages.. J Food Prot. 81(4), 549-553.
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Conference Papers1
  • Hammack, S. P., & Griffin, D. B. (2018). Live and Carcass Trends, Houston Livestock Show, Junior Steers, 1974-2017.. JOURNAL OF ANIMAL SCIENCE. 96(suppl_1), 5-6.
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