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Academic Articles20
  • Brehm, A., Wilson-Robles, H., Miller, T., Jarvis, J., & Deveau, M. (2021). Feasibility and safety of whole lung irradiation in the treatment of canine appendicular osteosarcoma.. Vet Comp Oncol. 20(1), 20-28.
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  • Zhao, Q., Zhang, L., Hai, B. o., Wang, J., Baetge, C. L., Deveau, M. A., ... Liu, F (2020). Transient Activation of the Hedgehog-Gli Pathway Rescues Radiotherapy-Induced Dry Mouth via Recovering Salivary Gland Resident Macrophages.. Cancer Res. 80(24), 5531-5542.
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  • Deveau, M. A., Sutton, M., Baetge, C., & Diesel, A. B (2019). A case report of total skin photon radiation therapy for cutaneous epitheliotropic lymphoma in a dog.. BMC Vet Res. 15(1), 407.
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  • Baetge, C., Cummings, K. J., & Deveau, M (2019). Reduced risk of pneumonia after changes in anesthetic procedures for dogs receiving repeated anesthesia for radiation treatment.. Vet Radiol Ultrasound. 60(2), 241-245.
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  • Luo, X., Li, H., Ma, L., Zhou, J., Guo, X., Woo, S., ... Wu, C. (2018). Expression of STING Is Increased in Liver Tissues From Patients With NAFLD and Promotes Macrophage-Mediated Hepatic Inflammation and Fibrosis in Mice.. Gastroenterology. 155(6), 1971-1984.e4.
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Conference Papers1
  • Park, J., Morrow, A., McVicker, A., Altman, A., Deveau, M., & Kim, S (2017). Efficient Method of Metal Artifact Correction for Breast Tissue Expander. MEDICAL PHYSICS. 44(6), 2923-2923.
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