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  • Weber, S., Weber, Y., & Wiesmeth, H (2021). Hierarchy of Membership and Burden Sharing in a Military Alliance. Defence and Peace Economics. 32(8), 903-926.
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  • Weber, Y. (2020). Russias Futures. History: Reviews of New Books. 48(5), 125-128.
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  • Krickovic, A., & Weber, Y (2018). Commitment Issues. Problems of Post-Communism. 65(6), 373-384.
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  • Weber, Y (2018). The vory: Russia's super mafia. International Affairs. 94(6), 1469-1471.
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  • Krickovic, A., & Weber, Y (2018). What Can Russia Teach Us about Change? Status-Seeking as a Catalyst for Transformation in International Politics. International Studies Review. 20(2), 292-300.
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