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Recognizing health status is influenced by a vast and interconnected set of determinants, Dr. Matthew Lee Smith has devoted his career to create synergistic partnerships and initiatives to encourage positive lifestyles and reduce rates of preventable morbidity and mortality. He has earned a national reputation as a falls expert and evaluator of evidence-based programs for older adults. His involvement in local, state, and national evaluation initiatives have been integral to foster understanding about the reach, adoption, implementation, effectiveness, and maintenance of different evidence-based programs targeting key populations in a variety of community, school, workplace, and healthcare sectors. Dr. Smith's evaluation efforts have been funded by organizations including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Administration on Aging (AoA), National Council on Aging (NCOA), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

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  • Smith, M. L., Adler, C., Patel, A., Venigalla, S., Ahn, S., Towne, S., & Ory, M. (2016). FACTORS ASSOCIATED WITH HEALTHCARE-RELATED FRUSTRATIONS AMONG ADULTS WITH CHRONIC CONDITIONS. GERONTOLOGIST. 56(Suppl_3), 314-314.
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  • Smith, M. L., Shubert, T., Schneider, E. C., Wilson, A., Towne, S., & Ory, M. (2016). FALL PREVENTION INTERVENTION SUSTAINABILITY AFTER THE FUNDING ENDS. GERONTOLOGIST. 56(Suppl_3), 273-273.
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  • Shubert, T., Ory, M., Schneider, E. C., & Smith, M. L. (2016). INNOVATION AND FALL PREVENTION. GERONTOLOGIST. 56(Suppl_3), 273-273.
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  • Schneider, E. C., Shubert, T., Smith, M. L., Wilson, A., & Ory, M. (2016). MULTI-LEVEL FALL PREVENTION OVER TIME: THE STATE-DRIVEN FALL PREVENTION PROJECT. GERONTOLOGIST. 56(Suppl_3), 273-273.
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  • Ory, M., Smith, M. L., Schneider, E. C., Wilson, A., & Shubert, T. (2016). SYSTEMS CHANGE FOR FALL PREVENTION PROGRAM DELIVERY. GERONTOLOGIST. 56(Suppl_3), 273-273.
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