I maintain several research areas within behavioral pharmacology. My current research focus is on the interactions between feeding control systems (i.e. ghrelin) and the reinforcing actions of drugs such as cocaine and amphetamine. My research has been funded by NIDA and by corporate sponsors such as Thompson Medical Company and Knoll Pharmaceutical.

selected publications
Academic Articles135
  • Bates, M., Hofford, R. S., Emery, M. A., Wellman, P. J., & Eitan, S. (2018). The role of the vasopressin system and dopamine D1 receptors in the effects of social housing condition on morphine reward.. Drug Alcohol Depend. 113-118.
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  • Rodriguez, J. A., Fehrentz, J., Martinez, J., Ben Haj Salah, K., & Wellman, P. J. (2018). The GHR-R antagonist JMV 2959 neither induces malaise nor alters the malaise property of LiCl in the adult male rat.. Physiol Behav. 183, 46-48.
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  • Bates, M., Emery, M. A., Wellman, P. J., & Eitan, S. (2017). Inhibiting social support from massage-like stroking increases morphine dependence.. Behav Pharmacol. 28(8), 642-647.
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  • Emery, M. A., Bates, M., Wellman, P. J., & Eitan, S. (2017). Burn injury decreases the antinociceptive effects of opioids.. Behav Pharmacol. 28(4), 285-293.
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  • Emery, M. A., Shawn Bates, M. L., Wellman, P. J., & Eitan, S. (2017). Hydrocodone is More Effective than Morphine or Oxycodone in Suppressing the Development of Burn-Induced Mechanical Allodynia.. Pain Med. (11), 2170-2180.
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  • (1997). Ingestive behavior protocols. Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior.
  • Hoebel, B. G., & Wellman, P. J. (2001). Overview of methodological approaches to the study of ingestive behavior.. Current Protocols in Neuroscience. Unit-8.6A. Wiley.
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  • Wellman, P. J., & McMahon, L. R. (2001). Basic Measures of Food Intake. Current Protocols in Neuroscience. John Wiley & Sons, Inc..
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Conference Papers7
  • Wellman, P. J., Bellinger, L. L., Cepeda-Benito, A., Susabda, A., Ho, D. H., & Davis, K. W. (2005). Meal patterns and body weight after nicotine in male rats as a function of chow or high-fat diet.. Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 82(4), 627-634.
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  • Wellman, P. J. (2005). Pain reactivity in the adult rat after phentermine, dexfenfluramine, or their combination.. JOURNAL OF PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY. 19(5), A36-A36.
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  • Marr, K. N., Wellman, P. J., Kramer, P. R., Kramer, S. F., & Bellinger, L. L. (2003). Effects of i.c.v. infusions of neuropeptide-Y (NPY) and cocaine-amphetamine-regulated-transcript (CART) on meal patterns in nicotine (N) treated rats. FASEB JOURNAL. 17(5), A865-A865.
  • Miller, D. K., McMahon, L. R., Green, T. A., Nation, J. R., & Wellman, P. J. (1998). Repeated administration of ephedrine induces behavioral sensitization in rats.. Psychopharmacology (Berl). 140(1), 52-56.
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