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My research interests are in Computer Networks, Storage Systems, Multimedia systems, and Computer Architecture.

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Academic Articles38
  • Moon, S., & Reddy, A. (2016). Does RAID Improve Lifetime of SSD Arrays?. ACM TRANSACTIONS ON STORAGE. 12(3), 1-29.
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  • Fedorov, V. V., Qiu, S., Reddy, A., & Gratz, P. V. (2013). ARI: Adaptive LLC-Memory Traffic Management. Transactions on Architecture and Code Optimization. 10(4), 1-19.
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  • Wu, X., Qiu, S., & Reddy, A. (2013). SCMFS: A File System for Storage Class Memory and its Extensions. ACM TRANSACTIONS ON STORAGE. 9(3), 1-23.
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  • Lee, Y. O., & Reddy, A. (2012). Constructing disjoint paths for failure recovery and multipath routing. COMPUTER NETWORKS. 56(2), 719-730.
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  • Yadav, S., Reddy, A., Reddy, A., & Ranjan, S. (2012). Detecting Algorithmically Generated Domain-Flux Attacks With DNS Traffic Analysis. IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking. 20(5), 1663-1677.
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  • Bhandarkar, S., & Reddy, A. (2008). Wireless Networks: TCP.. Encyclopedia of Wireless and Mobile Communications.
  • Yeom, I., & Narasimha Reddy, A. L. (2003). Differentiated Services. Wiley Encyclopedia of Telecommunications. John Wiley & Sons, Inc..
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  • Reddy, A., & Haskin, R. (2002). Video Servers. The Communications Handbook. CRC Press.
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  • Reddy, A., & Wijayaratne, R. (1998). Scheduling for integrated service in multimedia systems. Furht, B. (Eds.), Handbook of Multimedia Computing. (pp. 491-506). CRC Press.
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