My research focuses on advance power electronic converters for utility interface of solar-pv/wind/fuel-cell/battery-energy storage power systems, design of high temperature power conversion systems with wide band-gap semiconductor devices, new converter topologies for single/three phase solid state transformers (SSTs) with medium frequency isolation, medium voltage power converters for mega-watt scale solar-pv/wind/fuel-cell energy systems, adjustable speed drives with medium frequency transformer isolation, development of smart solar pv-systems for curved surfaces / BIPVs, power quality enhancement for interconnected renewables, Power Quality Issues: Design & development of Active Power Filters; Dynamic voltage restorer's (DVRs) and new & improved ride-through technologies employing Flywheel and Supercapacitors, and advancing switching power supply designs for portable power systems and modular fuel-cell systems.

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  • Ramos-Ruiz, J. A., Wang, B., Chou, H., Enjeti, P., & Xie, L. e. (2021). Power Electronics Intelligence at the Network Edge (PINE)—An Approach to Interface PV and Battery Energy Storage Systems at the Grid Edge. IEEE JOURNAL OF EMERGING AND SELECTED TOPICS IN POWER ELECTRONICS. 9(5), 5219-5227.
  • Mazumder, S. K., Kulkarni, A., Sahoo, S., Blaabjerg, F., Mantooth, H. A., Balda, J. C., ... de la Fuente, E. P. (2021). A Review of Current Research Trends in Power-Electronic Innovations in Cyber–Physical Systems. IEEE JOURNAL OF EMERGING AND SELECTED TOPICS IN POWER ELECTRONICS. 9(5), 5146-5163.
  • Alhuwaishel, F. M., Allehyani, A. K., Al-Obaidi, S., & Enjeti, P. N. (2020). A Medium-Voltage DC-Collection Grid for Large-Scale PV Power Plants With Interleaved Modular Multilevel Converter. IEEE JOURNAL OF EMERGING AND SELECTED TOPICS IN POWER ELECTRONICS. 8(4), 3434-3443.
  • Pool-Mazun, E. I., Sandoval, J. J., Enjeti, P. N., & Pitel, I. J. (2020). An Integrated Solid-State Transformer With High-Frequency Isolation for EV Fast-Charging Applications. IEEE Journal of Emerging and Selected Topics in Industrial Electronics. 1(1), 46-56.
  • Enjeti, P. (2019). Congratulations to the Winners of the First P3 Talk Video Competition. IEEE POWER ELECTRONICS MAGAZINE. 6(4), 74-75.
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  • Enjeti, P., Garg, P., & Krishnamoorthy, H. S. (2015). Fault-tolerant adjustable speed drive systems. Reliability of Power Electronic Converter Systems. 303-354. Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET).
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Conference Papers250
  • Alhuwaishel, F., & Enjeti, P. (2019). A Single Stage Transformer-less Micro Inverter with Integrated Battery Storage System for Residential Applications. 2019 IEEE 20TH WORKSHOP ON CONTROL AND MODELING FOR POWER ELECTRONICS (COMPEL), 2019 20th Workshop on Control and Modeling for Power Electronics (COMPEL). 00, 1-7.
  • Pool-Mazun, E., Sandoval, J. J., Enjeti, P., & Pitel, I. J. (2019). A Direct Switch-Mode Three-Phase AC to DC Rectifier with High-Frequency Isolation for Fast EV Battery Chargers. THIRTY-FOURTH ANNUAL IEEE APPLIED POWER ELECTRONICS CONFERENCE AND EXPOSITION (APEC 2019), 2019 IEEE Applied Power Electronics Conference and Exposition (APEC). 00, 573-580.
  • Sabry, S., Pool-Mazun, E. I., & Enjeti, P. (2019). A Medium Voltage DC Collection Grid for Large Scale PV Power Plant with SCR Converter and Integrated Solid-State Transformer (SST). 2019 IEEE ENERGY CONVERSION CONGRESS AND EXPOSITION (ECCE). 5824-5831.
  • Li, C., Enjeti, P., & Cobos, J. A. (2019). Analysis and Comparison of Indirect Power in DC-AC or AC-DC Topologies by Quasi-static DC-DC Modeling. 2019 IEEE CONFERENCE ON POWER ELECTRONICS AND RENEWABLE ENERGY (IEEE CPERE). 76-81.
  • Ramos-Ruiz, J. A., Enjeti, P., & Xie, L. e. (2018). Peer-to-peer Energy Transaction in Microgrids with Power Electronics Enabled Angle Droop Control. CONFERENCE RECORD OF THE THIRD IEEE INTERNATIONAL WORKSHOP ON ELECTRONIC POWER GRID (EGRID), 2018 IEEE Electronic Power Grid (eGrid). 00, 163-168.
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