The focus of research interests of my laboratory is to investigate genes and metabolites of lipid-based biochemical and signal transduction pathways and the role they play in plant development and survival in response to pathogens.

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  • Fontes-Puebla, A. A., Borrego, E. J., Kolomiets, M. V., & Bernal, J. S. (2021). Maize biochemistry in response to root herbivory was mediated by domestication, spread, and breeding. Planta. 254(4), 70.
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  • Wang, Q., Sun, Y., Wang, F., Huang, P., Wang, Y., Ruan, X., ... Gao, X. (2021). Transcriptome and Oxylipin Profiling Joint Analysis Reveals Opposite Roles of 9-Oxylipins and Jasmonic Acid in Maize Resistance to Gibberella Stalk Rot. Frontiers in Plant Science. 12, 699146.
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  • Gorman, Z., Tolley, J. P., Koiwa, H., & Kolomiets, M. V. (2021). The Synthesis of Pentyl Leaf Volatiles and Their Role in Resistance to Anthracnose Leaf Blight. Frontiers in Plant Science. 12, 719587.
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  • Altangerel, N., Huang, P., Kolomiets, M. V., Scully, M. O., & Hemmer, P. R. (2021). Raman Spectroscopy as a Robust New Tool for Rapid and Accurate Evaluation of Drought Tolerance Levels in Both Genetically Diverse and Near-Isogenic Maize Lines.. Front Plant Sci. 12, 621711.
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  • Park, Y., Borrego, E. J., Gao, X., Christensen, S. A., Schmelz, E., Lanubile, A., ... Kolomiets, M. V. (2021). Fusarium verticillioides induces maize-derived ethylene to promote virulence by engaging fungal G-protein signaling.. Mol Plant Microbe Interact. 34(10), 1157-1166.
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  • Yan, Y., Borrego, E., & V., M. (2013). Jasmonate Biosynthesis, Perception and Function in Plant Development and Stress Responses. Lipid Metabolism. InTech.
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  • Borrego, E. J., & Kolomiets, M. V. (2012). Lipid-Mediated Signaling Between Fungi and Plants. Biocommunication of Fungi. 249-260. Springer Netherlands.
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Conference Papers15
  • Bennett, J., Winston, M., Zheng, S., Ryan, R., Isakeit, T. S., Murray, S., Sword, G., & Kolomiets, M. V. (2019). Fungal Symbionts Hold Potential for Reducing Mycotoxins and Increasing Resistance to Herbivores in Maize. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 109(10), 178-178.
  • Sword, G., Kolomiets, M. V., Borrego, E. J., Suh, C., & Gale, C. (2018). Beneficial fungal endophytes in cotton. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 108(10),
  • Kolomiets, M. V., Battilani, P., Borrego, E. J., Reverberi, M., Lanubile, A., Scala, V., ... Park, Y. S. (2018). Mycotoxin contamination in maize is controlled by oxylipin signals. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 108(10),
  • Gorman, Z., Christensen, S., He, Y., Yan, Y., Borrego, E. J., & Kolomiets, M. V. (2017). Volatiles from LOX10 promote maize susceptibility to Colletotrichum graminicola by hijacking jasmonic and salicylic acids antagonism. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 107(12), 1-2.
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