Research in my laboratory employs multidisciplinary approaches to study the cellular and molecular neurobiology of cell-autonomous circadian clocks and the signal transduction pathway responsible for circadian photoentrainment. The aims of current projects are to study: 1) the role of microRNAs (miRNAs) and other signaling molecules in the local temporal coordination of cell- and tissue-specific circadian clocks; 2) mutual interactions between the circadian clock mechanism, inflammatory signaling and metabolism; and 3) the mechanisms linking circadian rhythm disruption with metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes, and with pathological changes in neuroprotective responses to stroke.

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  • Bang, E., Tobery, A., Montgomery, K. S., Fincher, A. S., Earnest, D. J., Murchison, D. A., & Griffith, W. H. (2021). Amitriptyline Decreases GABAergic Transmission in Basal Forebrain Neurons Using an Optogenetic Model of Aging.. Front Aging Neurosci. 13, 673155.
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  • Goldsmith, C. S., Kim, S. M., Karunarathna, N., Neuendorff, N., Toussaint, L. G., Earnest, D. J., & Bell-Pedersen, D (2019). Correction to: inhibition of p38 MAPK activity leads to cell type-specific effects on the molecular circadian clock and time-dependent reduction of glioma cell invasiveness.. BMC Cancer. 19(1), 101.
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  • Kim, S., Neuendorff, N., Alaniz, R. C., Sun, Y., Chapkin, R. S., & Earnest, D. J. (2018). Shift work cycle-induced alterations of circadian rhythms potentiate the effects of high-fat diet on inflammation and metabolism.. FASEB J. 32(6), 3085-3095.
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  • McQueen, C. M., Schmitt, E. E., Sarkar, T. R., Elswood, J., Metz, R. P., Earnest, D., Rijnkels, M., & Porter, W. W. (2018). PER2 regulation of mammary gland development.. Development. 145(6), dev157966.
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Conference Papers11
  • Earnest, D. J., Farnell, Y. Z., & Neuendorff, N (2008). Effects of neonatal alcohol exposure on scn neurotransmitters involved in the light-dark regulation of circadian rhythms. ALCOHOLISM-CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH. 32(6), 205A-205A.
  • Earnest, D., Farnell, Y., & Neuendorff, N (2007). Neonatal alcohol-induced changes in circadian rhythm photoentrainment are coupled with alterations in glutamatergic input systems in the SCN. ALCOHOLISM-CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH. 31(6), 66A-66A.
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  • Nahm, S., Farnell, Y. Z., Neuendorff, N., West, J. R., Chen, W., & Earnest, D. J. (2005). Effects of developmental alcohol exposure on vasoactive intestinal polypeptide and voltage-dependent calcium channel expression in rat SCN and cerebellum.. ALCOHOLISM-CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH. 29(5), 127A-127A.
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  • Earnest, D. J (2016). Saturated fats make some cells lose track of time -- and that's bad. - An article submitted to The Conversation
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