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Academic Articles7
  • Wang, J., Zhu, H., Sudhakar, K. V., & Price, A. H. (2014). Influence of equal-channel angular extrusion on impact toughness of aluminum and brass at room and low temperatures. International Journal of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. 9(1), 19.
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  • Park, S., Choi, S., Stubbs, N., Bolton, R., Price, A. H., & Sikorsky, C. (2006). A modal parameter based technique to inspect welded reinforcement splices. Engineering Structures. 28(3), 453-465.
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  • Price, A. H., & Bolton, R. W. (2004). Integration of inspection methodologies in a manufacturing curriculum. Materials Evaluation. 62(8), 835-836.
  • Mayer, J. E., Price, A. H., Purushothaman, G. K., Dhayalan, A. K., & Pepi, M. S. (2002). Specific Grinding Energy Causing Thermal Damage in Helicopter Gear Steel. Journal of Manufacturing Processes. 4(2), 142-147.
  • Price, A. H. (2001). Significant system parameters influencing HAZ properties in 9%Ni steel. Science and Technology of Welding & Joining. 6(4), 255-260.
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Conference Papers9
  • Shi, L., Price, A. H., & Hung, W. N. (2018). Use of Contour Method for Welding Residual Stress Assessment. Procedia Manufacturing. 26, 276-285.
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  • Medina, I., Price, A. H., & Kuttolamadom, M. (2017). Comparing the effectiveness of semester-long vs. accelerated-summer course offerings. 2005 Annual Conference Proceedings. 2017-June,
  • Alvarado, J., Hill Price, A., & Johnson, M. (2008). Design, Build And Test: An Approach For A Capstone Design Course In Engineering Technology. 13.375.1-13.375.11.
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  • Autenrieth, R., Butler-Purry, K., Price, A. H., & Rinehart, J. (2004). A "Grass roots" mentoring model to create change. Annual ASEE Conference Proceedings, Seattle, Washington June 14-17, 2015. 6257-6263.
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