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Academic Articles5
  • Aitani, K. (2019). Sustainable Design Camp as a Platform to apply the Principles of Editing Urban Design to the Citys Strategic Plan. International Journal of Environmental Science & Sustainable Development. 4(1), 22-30.
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  • Aitani, K (2017). Urban Catalyst. Shokokusha Publication, Ltd.
  • Nakamura, H., & Aitani, K. (2016). Foundation for the Establishment of Urban and Environmental Plans in Asia and the Required Practical Education. Shimaoka, T., Kuba, T., Nakayama, H., Fujita, T., & Horii, N. (Eds.), Basic Studies in Environmental Knowledge, Technology, Evaluation, and Strategy. 273-286. Springer Nature.
Conference Papers2
  • Aitani, K., & Yoshinaga, S. (2018). Economic Impact Generated by the Public Open Space: Case Study of Klyde Warren Park. New Instrumentalities, New Instrumentalities. 320-325.
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  • Aitani, K., & Sathaye, V. K. (2018). New York High Line as urban catalyst: Impact to neighborhood. 24TH ISUF INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE: CITY AND TERRITORY IN THE GLOBALIZATION AGE, Proceedings 24th ISUF 2017 - City and Territory in the Globalization Age. 1665-1672.
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