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I conduct translational studies that address immediate and long-term needs of growers and other stakeholders involved in the production of fruit and vegetable crops. My research program emphasizes virus discovery and characterization, genetic diversity and population genetics studies, and understanding of disease epidemiology. The overarching goal is to utilize the results of these studies to develop science-based disease management strategies.

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Academic Articles66
  • Armstrong, C. M., Zhou, L., Luo, W., Batuman, O., Alabi, O. J., & Duan, Y (2022). Identification of a Chromosomal Deletion Mutation and the Dynamics of Two Major Populations of Candidatus Liberibacter asiaticus in Its Hosts. Phytopathology. (1),
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  • Mulenga, R. M., Miano, D. W., Al Rwahnih, M., Kaimoyo, E., Akello, J., Mbute, F., ... Alabi, O. J (2022). Survey for virus diversity in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) fields and the detection of a novel strain of cowpea polerovirus 1 in Zambia. Plant Disease.
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  • Alabi, O. J., Diaz-Lara, A., Erickson, T. M., & Al Rwahnih, M. (2021). Olea europaea geminivirus is present in a germplasm repository and in California and Texas olive (Olea europaea L.) groves. Archives of Virology. 166(12), 3399-3404.
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  • Hernandez, R. N., Isakeit, T., Al Rwahnih, M., Hernandez, R., & Alabi, O. J. (2021). First report of squash vein yellowing virus naturally infecting butternut squash (Cucurbita moschata) in Texas.. Plant Dis. 105(9), 2738-2738.
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  • Alabi, O. J., Diaz-Lara, A., & Al Rwahnih, M. (2021). Satellite Nucleic Acids and Viruses. Encyclopedia of Virology. 681-691. Elsevier.
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  • Alabi, O. J., Mulenga, R. M., & Legg, J. P. (2015). Cassava mosaic.. Virus diseases of tropical and subtropical crops. 56-72. CABI.
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  • Atiri, G. I., Winter, S., & Alabi, O. J. (2003). Yam. Virus and Virus-like Diseases of Major Crops in Developing Countries. 249-268. Springer Netherlands.
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Conference Papers19
  • Hernandez, R. N., Isakeit, T. S., Al Rwahnih, M., & Alabi, O. J (2021). The occurrence of diverse virus species in Texas cucurbit fields as determined by metagenomic analysis. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 111(10), 9-9.
  • Alabi, O. J., McBride, S. A., Appel, D. N., & Al Rwahnih, M. (2020). A naturally occurring genetic variant of grapevine virus L from Texas Blanc du Bois grapevines. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 110(12), 182-182.
  • Appel, D. N., McBride, S. A., Davis, R., & Alabi, O. J. (2020). The occurrence of mixed virus infections in a Texas Blanc du Bois vineyard. PHYTOPATHOLOGY. 110(12), 69-69.
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