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My research focuses on the mental health and well-being of individuals with disabilities. I am interested in studying the person-environment factors that promote mental health, psychosocial adaptation, including well-being, among individuals with disabilities. I am looking forward to developing strength-based interventions that aim to improve physical health, mental health, and well-being outcomes in this population.

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Academic Articles10
  • Smedema, S. M., Lee, D., & Bhattarai, M. (2021). An Examination of the Relationship of Core Self-Evaluations and Life Satisfaction in College Students With Disabilities. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin. 003435522199356-003435522199356.
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  • Bhattarai, M., Huang, Y., Rios, Y. C., & Smedema, S. M. (2021). Factor Structure of the Values in Action Inventory of Strengths-72 in Individuals With Multiple Sclerosis. Rehabilitation Research Policy and Education. 35(2), 94-105.
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  • Smedema, S. M., & Bhattarai, M. (2021). The unique contribution of character strengths to quality of life in persons with multiple sclerosis.. REHABILITATION PSYCHOLOGY. 66(1), 76-86.
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  • Bhattarai, M., Smedema, S. M., & Maneewat, K. (2020). An Integrative Review of Factors Associated With Resilience Post-Spinal Cord Injury. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin. 64(2), 118-127.
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  • Bishop, M., Rumrill, S., McDaniels, B., Li, J., Fraser, R., Rumrill, P. D., Bhattarai, M., & Park, M. (2020). Information and resources important to the quality of life of people living with multiple sclerosis. Australian Journal of Rehabilitation Counselling. 26(2), 92-104.
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