Dr. Culp's interests are technology education, improving the comfort/energy efficiency of buildings, involving students in research, combining architecture with technology to achieve high performance buildings, measurement and verification, air flow technology and human comfort in building spaces.

selected publications
Academic Articles22
  • Liao, J., Xie, X., Nemer, H., Claridge, D. E., & Culp, C. H. (2019). A simplified methodology to optimize the cooling tower approach temperature control schedule in a cooling system. Energy Conversion and Management. 199, 111950-111950.
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  • Claridge, D. E., Culp, C., Liu, W., Pate, M., Haberl, J., Bynum, J., Tanskyi, O., & Schaff, F. (2019). A new approach for drying moist air: The ideal Claridge-Culp-Liu dehumidification process with membrane separation, vacuum compression and sub-atmospheric condensation. International Journal of Refrigeration. 101, 211-217.
  • Dixit, M. K., Culp, C. H., Fernandez-Solis, J. L., & Lavy, S. (2016). Reducing carbon footprint of facilities using a facility management approach. Facilities. 34(3/4), 247-259.
  • Nelson, I. C., Culp, C. H., Rimmer, J., & Tully, B (2016). The effect of thermal load configuration on the performance of passive chilled beams. Building and Environment. 96, 188-197.
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  • Rasmussen, B. P., Kreider, J. F., Claridge, D. E., & Culp, C. H. (2015). Heating, ventilating, and air conditioning control systems. Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy: Handbook, Second Edition. 565-620.
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Conference Papers14
  • (2017). Incorporatng form diversity into architectural design optmization. Disciplines and Disruption - Proceedings Catalog of the 37th Annual Conference of the Association for Computer Aided Design in Architecture, ACADIA 2017. 640-649.
  • Ugursal, A., Tassinary, L. G., Culp, C. H., & ASHRAE. (2014). Airflow Perception and Draught Rating for Varying Thermal Conditions. ASHRAE TRANSACTIONS 2014, VOL 120, PT 2. 120,
  • Ugursal, A., Culp, C., & ASHRAE (2013). Gender Differences of Thermal Comfort Perception UnderTransient Environmental and Metabolic Conditions. ASHRAE TRANSACTIONS 2013, VOL 119, PT 2. 119(PART 2), 52-62.
  • Ugursal, A., Culp, C. H., & ASHRAE (2012). An Empirical Thermal Comfort Model for Transient Metabolic Conditions. ASHRAE TRANSACTIONS 2012, VOL 118, PT 1. 118(PART 1), 742-750.
  • Andolsun, S., & Culp, C. (2012). Occupancy based heating/cooling for low energy affordable housing in hot-humid climates. ASHRAE Transactions. 118(PART 1), 233-240.
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