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I specialize in the areas of Functional Analysis, Operator Algebras, Operator Theory, and Frame Theory.

selected publications
Academic Articles51
  • Larson, D., & Scholze, S. (2017). Nilpotent bridging for unions of two bases. Linear Algebra and its Applications. 529, 164-184.
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  • Larson, D., & Scholze, S. (2015). Signal Reconstruction from Frame and Sampling Erasures. Journal of Fourier Analysis and Applications. 21(5), 1146-1167.
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  • Hotovy, R., Larson, D. R., & Scholze, S. (2015). BINARY FRAMES. HOUSTON JOURNAL OF MATHEMATICS. 41(3), 875-899.
  • Han, D., Larson, D. R., Liu, B., & Liu, R. (2014). Dilations for systems of imprimitivity acting on Banach spaces. Journal of Functional Analysis. 266(12), 6914-6937.
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  • Han, D., Jing, W. u., Larson, D., Li, P., & Mohapatra, R. N. (2013). Dilation of Dual Frame Pairs in Hilbert C*-Modules. Results in Mathematics. 63(1-2), 241-250.
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Conference Papers2
  • Han, D., & Larson, D. R. (2009). On the Orthogonality of Frames and the Density and Connectivity of Wavelet Frames. Acta Applicandae Mathematicae. 107(1-3), 211-222.
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  • Chyba, T. H., Zenker, T., McCray, C. L., Lee, H. R., Elivert, R., Thomas, B., ... Fishman, J. (1999). Measurements of tropospheric ozone with a compact UV DIAL system. Proceedings of SPIE - The International Society for Optical Engineering. 3757, 80-86.
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