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Dr. Ahmed K. Ali received his Ph.D. in Architecture and Design Research from Virginia Tech in 2012. Dr. Ali joined the Architecture Department at Texas A&M University as an Assistant Professor in 2015. Dr. Ali teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in architectural design, building materials and construction, and building assemblies and tectonics. He developed two undergraduate and graduate courses in building materials and made significant curriculum changes to the Master of Architecture program in the materials and methods required NAAB accreditation criteria. Dr. Ali's research focuses on the role of design in the Circular Economy and industrial waste flows. He has received over $ 465,000 in research funding. Dr. Ali is a guest reviewer of several top-tier journals. He has obtained one provisional patent, written eight peer-reviewed journal articles, one book chapter, and fifteen papers in conference proceedings. He was the keynote speaker at the Scandinavian architecture conference PLAT18 in Sweden, and the Circular Economy Roundup at Austin Technology Incubator. Dr. Ali has chaired 2 doctoral committees, 17 master's committees, and served on 7 others. Dr. Ali received the J. Thomas Regan Interdisciplinary Prize in 2016, and the Architecture Research Centers Consortium New Researcher Award in 2018. Dr. Ali's work has been cited in numerous prestigious press including the Steven Holl Foundation's critical research archive, Bill Zahner's Steel Surfaces book by Wiley, General Motors Green, and Texas Architect Magazine.

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Academic Articles6
  • Kio, P., & Ali, A. K (2021). In situ experimental evaluation of a novel modular living wall system for industrial symbiosis. Energy and Buildings. 252(Build. Environ. 44 5 2009), 111405-111405.
  • Ali, A. K., Layton, A., Kio, P., & Williams, J (2021). Matrix Trays: From waste to opportunities. Journal of Cleaner Production. 300, 126813-126813.
  • Ali, A. K., Kio, P. N., Alvarado, J., & Wang, Y. i (2020). Symbiotic Circularity in Buildings: An Alternative Path for Valorizing Sheet Metal Waste Stream as Metal Building Facades. Waste and Biomass Valorization. 11(12), 7127-7145.
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  • Ali, A. K (2017). Unconventional Engagement: Reviving the Urban Marketplace. The Plan Journal. 1(2),
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  • Ali, A. K (2008). Silence, Darkness, and Light. VDM Publishing.
  • Dvorak, B. D., & Ali, A. K. (2016). Urban Agriculture Case Studies in Central Texas: From the Ground to the Rooftop. Samer, M. (Eds.), Urban Agriculture. Ch.-02. InTech.
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Conference Papers12
  • Ali, A. K. (2021). Single-wall timber granaries box construction in Turkish and Spanish rural architecture contexts. EAAE-ARCC International Conference: The Architect and the City, 2nd Valencia International Biennial of Research in Architecture. 1,
  • Hernandez, S., & Ali, A. K. (2020). The role of knowledge transfer in masonry bridge construction from Spain to Guatemala. EAAE-ARCC International Conference: The Architect and the City, 2nd Valencia International Biennial of Research in Architecture. 1,
  • Ali, A. K. (2019). Mapping a Resource-Based Design Workflow to Activate a Circular Economy in Building Design and Construction. IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science. 225(1), 012010-012010.
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  • Ali, A. K., & Kio, P (2019). A New (Old) Paradigm on Metal Fabrication between the Automobile and the Building Industries. 107th ACSA Annual Meeting Proceedings, Black Box, 107th ACSA Annual Meeting. 322-327.
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  • Ali, A. (2018). Architecture + Structures: Ethics and Responsibilities in Academic Design/Build Studios. BTES Conference Program Integration + Innovation, 2019 BTES Conference Program Integration + Innovation. 2019,
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