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I have research interests in rapid flow simulation techniques, reservoir optimization, large-scale parameter estimation via inverse methods and uncertainty quantification/ assessments.

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  • Datta-Gupta, A., Devegowda, D., Oyerinde, D., & Cheng, H. (2008). The Role of Streamline Models for Dynamic Data Assimilation in Petroleum Engineering and Hydrogeology. Studies in Computational Intelligence. Cai, X., & Yeh, T. (Eds.), Quantitative Information Fusion for Hydrological Sciences. (pp. 105-136). Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
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  • Coburn, T. C., Yarus, J. M., & Chambers, R. L. (2006). A Virtual Conversation on the Impact of Geostatistics in Petroleum, Production, and Reservoir Engineering. Stochastic Modeling and Geostatistics. (pp. 23-33). American Association of Petroleum Geologists.
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  • Datta-Gupta, A., Xue, G., & Lee, S. H. (1999). Nonparametric Transformations for Data Correlation and Integration: From Theory to Practice. Schatzinger, R. A., & Jordan, J. F. (Eds.), Reservoir Characterization Recent Advances. (pp. 381-396). AAPG.
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  • D’Onfro, P. S., Rizer, W. D., Queen, J. H., Majer, E. L., Peterson, J., Daley, T. M., ... Long, J. (1998). An integrated aproach for characterizing fractured reservoirs. Jones, G., Fisher, Q. J., & Knipe, R. J. (Eds.), Faulting, Fault Sealing and Fluid Flow in Hydrocarbon Reservoirs. (pp. 193-208). Geological Society Publishing House.
  • Long, J., Doughty, C., Datta-Gupta, A., Hestir, K., & Vasco, D. (1997). Component characterization: an approach to fracture hydrogeology. Dagan, G., & Neuman, S. P. (Eds.), Subsurface Flow and Transport. (pp. 179-195). Cambridge University Press.
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