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I have strong interests in elucidating the molecular mechanisms that mediate interactions between the intracellular bacterial pathogen Brucella spp. and host cells.

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  • Cluett, E. B., de Figueiredo, P., Bechler, M. E., Thorsen, K. D., & Brown, W. J. (2016). Reconstitution of Phospholipase A2-Dependent Golgi Membrane Tubules. Methods in Molecular Biology. The Golgi Complex. (pp. 75-90). Springer New York.
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  • Kalkofen, D. N., de Figueiredo, P., & Brown, W. J. (2015). Chapter 11 Methods for analyzing the role of phospholipase A2 enzymes in endosome membrane tubule formation. Methods Cell Biol. Sorting and Recycling Endosomes. (pp. 157-180). Elsevier.
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  • Hou, H., Li, L., Cho, Y., de Figueiredo, P., & Han, A. (2011). Microfabricated Microbial Fuel Cell Arrays. Recent Advances in Microbiology. (pp. 1-12). Apple Academic Press.
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de Figueiredo
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Texas A&M Health Science Center; Microbial Pathogenesis And Immunology; 1114 TAMUS
Bryan, TX 77807