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  • Zoghi, B., & Fink, R. (2018). Novel use of Remote Sensing, Monitoring, and Tracking for Animals in Wild Habitats. International Journal of Engineering Research and Innovation. 10(2), 57-62.
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  • Hasan, M. Z., Fink, R. J., Suyambu, M. R., & Baskaran, M. K (2016). Evaluation of Intelligent Controllers for Improving Elevator Energy Efficiency. 7(2), 5-12.
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  • Benden, M. E., Fink, R., & Congleton, J. (2011). An in situ study of the habits of users that affect office chair design and testing.. Hum Factors. 53(1), 38-49.
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  • Munns, T., Fink, R. B., & Onderko, E. (2011). Industry Supported Semiconductor Test Engineering Academic Survey and Round-Table at Texas A&M University. INTERNATIONAL TRANSACTION JOURNAL OF ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT & APPLIED SCIENCES & TECHNOLOGIES. 2(5), 531-545.
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  • Benden, M., Fink, R., & Henk, R. (2010). New Technology being Developed to Reduce Teen Distracted Driving. University Transportation Center for Mobility Newsletter. 4(1),
Conference Papers60
  • Burnett, M., Fink, R., & Munns, T (2021). Texas Instruments & Texas A&M Validation Course Collaboration. 2020 CIEC Proceedings, 2020 CIEC.
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  • Fink, R., Hur, B., Kellogg, M., Delamater, D., McGaffin, A., Wiatrek, N., & Ordonez, G. (2019). Non-Invasive SpO2 and Heart Rate Monitoring Device in Determining Emergency Cesarean Delivery. ASEE GSW Conference.
  • Hasan, M. Z., Fink, R., Barrera, E., Carrasco, L., & IEEE (2019). Performance Evaluation of Adaptive Traffic Control Algorithms with Real Traffic Data for Future Measure of Effectiveness (MOE). 2019 IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ELECTRO INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (EIT). 136-140.
  • Hasan, M. Z., Fink, R., Vargas, M., Adame, J., & Hernandez, E (2016). Development and evaluation of traffic signal algorithms to support future Measure of Effectiveness (MOE). 2016 IEEE International Conference on Electro Information Technology (EIT), 2016 IEEE International Conference on Electro Information Technology (EIT). 2016-August, 0407-0412.
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  • Lewis, K., Horner, R., Reinoso, N., Jenschke, L., Fink, R., & Zoghi, B. (2015). Facilitating Biomedical Research with Lab Mouse Data Logging System: WiMi. ASEE GSW Conference.
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