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Trained in both modern German and Japanese history at Harvard University (Ph.D. 2006), Hoi-eun Kim has engaged himself with the topic of German interaction with Asia in the second half of the nineteenth-century. His first book-length project, "Doctors of Empire," questions the nature of the Japanese modern transformation by looking at the medical and cultural encounters between Germany and Japan during the Meiji period era (1868-1912). Kim further explored the Japanese and German connection in his recently completed project, "Inscribing Racial Boundaries: German Medical Anthropology and the Making of Races in Japan's Colonial Empire." Currently Kim is interested in the social and cultural history of pharmaceutical products of modern era from a global perspective.

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  • Kim, H (2015). Made in Meiji Japan. Geschichte und Gesellschaft. 41(2), 288-320.
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  • Kim, H. E (2013). Anatomically speaking: The kubo incident and the paradox of race in colonial Korea. Brill's Series on Modern East Asia in a Global Historical Perspective. Brill's Series on Modern East Asia in a Global Historical Perspective. 411-430.
  • Kim, H. E (2011). Measuring Asian-ness: Erwin Baelz’s anthropological expeditions in fin-de-Siècle Korea. Imagining Germany Imagining Asia: Essays in Asian-German Studies. 173-186.
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  • (2005). Imaginary Terrain of German Orientalism: The Image of Japan in Die Gartenlaube, 1854-1902. Roberts, L. M. (Eds.), Germany and the Imagined East. 184-203. Cambridge Scholars Press.
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